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  1. Hello!

    As was promised in the last announcement, Candycraft will be having a building competition for Halloween. You all have voted on the themes, and we’ve had nearly a tie for a theme of a Haunted Mansion or a theme of Pumpkins. So, instead of having a single theme, you will have the option to pick between the two!

    // Theme & Server
    Haunted Mansion OR Pumpkins!

    To enter, create a build with one (or both!) of these themes on Skyblock (to add a bit of challenge). Remember to include a warp sign by your build!

    Comment on this thread with your in-game-name and your favorite type of candy so we can warp to your build.​

    // Rules
    1. Builds must follow all server rules in terms of content.
    2. You may not use any modifications to build which are not explicitly allowed on the allowed & disallowed modifications list.
    3. All entered builds should be Halloween themed.
    4. You may not copy other’s builds.
    5. Entry deadline is: October 30th at 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced on Halloween.
    6. The admin team and I will be the judges.​

    // Prizes
    Note: Prizes will be distributed to the forum account which comments. If a forum account which does not belong to you comments your in-game-name, message me or an admin in-game.

    1st: $75 Store Voucher

    2nd: $50 Store Voucher

    3rd: $25 Store Voucher

    ALL prize winners will receive an exclusive tag, [HalloweenBuilder17], and have their names displayed at a plaque at /spawn on Skyblock.​

    Good luck & have fun!
    - Evergreen
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  2. Ign: SaladGetsAbused
    My favourite type of candy and I will stick by my answer no matter what is

    (Also I havnt started building. Give me 2 days lol
  3. Can't build, but good to hear. Good luck.
  4. Man if only I were good at building :(. I'll have a go though who knows what will happen.
  5. I am bad at building. I may try tho.
  6. Idk how to build. Goodluck.
  7. @Evergreen Will the builds be judged using the CandyCraft texture pack or the default texture pack?
  8. I'll think about entering :p

    Good luck to everyone else though!
  9. Dear lord. Ive never seen the CC Texture pack so hope its judged on the normal MC Texture pack. Thats what I based my build on
  10. @Evergreen Are custom texture packs allowed? Like texture packs made specifically for our build?
  11. Default texture pack.

    Ehh, yes, if you want to enter with a screenshot using a custom texture pack that's fine.
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  12. Does it have to be built on a certain server or can I do it on the creative server?
  13. It says Skyblock.

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  14. Thanks Ever! :D
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    IGN: SuperSmacker
    Definitely no conflict about that :)

    I wouldn't want my build to be judged by the default resource pack though XD
    can my build be judged by no resource pack?

    There is literally nothing orange in the resource pack
  16. try not to triple post
  18. IGN: MoodyPanda
    Favorite Candy: A plain Hershey bar (boring I know but I like them)
    Currently working on the build warp will be placed soon.
  19. #20 Zeiii, Oct 7, 2017
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    IGN: Zeiii
    Favorite Candy: Chicken Nuggets i-.... I mean War Heads...
    I would like it if you looked at my build at night (remember to turn off night vision)

    Also i would like it if you took a look at this screenshot of my build


    (Photo Creds: Taken for me by @Mightylordx )
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