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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am Feroxi, I am new to this community and wanted to say Hi and want to really meet new people and chat around a bit, so I can decide if the community is worth it to join it!

    Im 16 years old and at my senior year, :p:D
  2. Hi Feroxi. Welcome to Skyblocky. I'm usually in-game so you're always welcome to msg me if you need help with anything. :)
  3. Well thank you, Hopefully I can join the server soon!
  4. Welcome to Skyblocky! Hope to see you online soon! :)
  5. yes welcome Feroxi ;')
  6. Hello! Thanks for welcoming me!
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  7. Welcome to Skyblocky! If you need any help on the forums feel free to give me a holler
  8. Thank you!
  9. Hey welcome to skyblocky! Hope to see you in game, if you need any help pm me on discord or talk to me online!
  10. Thank you! I will definitely be on discord!
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  11. Thank you! ☺️
  12. welcome to skyblocky
  13. I actually feel like you're relevant on forums now L
  14. well i mean kinda, but i have more everything (trophies ratings of all kinds messages etc.) than you so hAhAhA
  15. I mean only because I didn't have this forums account for that long ;')
  16. i mean well i wasnt active on the forums until mid april but okay
  17. Welcome to Skyblocky! ^-^
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