How to /vote 10 times per day!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by VDMA, May 7, 2018.

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    I wish that everyone had access to this from the start of the month. Unfortunately, for some reason, not all of the links are present when you look for information through the /vote command.

    With the increasing value of vote keys and associated crate rewards, I feel it's beneficial to the server and the players to reveal all of the voting links that I use in competing for that #1 vote leaderboard spot . (Blockybelmore is beating me!!!)

    Here are all 8 voting links. You can use these to vote up to 10 times every day:

    Link 1 || Link 2 || Link 3 || Link 4 || Link 5 || Link 6 || Link 7 || Link 8

    Link 5 and 6 can be utilized every 12 hours, and the time you can vote again is set by the time you last voted (so this is where the real race for top voter comes in to play).
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  2. Thank you for sharing this. (-:
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  3. This is really helpful! Thank you :)
  4. WOW, tysm for sharing this with us!!!
  5. sexcc
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  6. Thanks, I've been wondering how you guys do that.
  7. WHaaa, I never knew there was more tysm!
  8. Great guide. : )
  9. Thanks, mate, really need this. Already too late in the voting competition, so might as well snag a few extra vote keys with this :)
  10. Thanks for sharing it with the community. Although now I have a harder time competing with top vote.
  11. Nice guide
  12. vote to break eco yes
  13. RIP voting link #5
    Is it working for anybody else?
    Like, I can go to it, but I can't enter my username.
  14. It Doesn't work for me either =/
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  15. Thank you for the voting guide :D
  16. This is super informative! I had no clue there was this many opportunities to vote thank you so much! :D
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  17. Neither didn't I lol! I can roughly get around 30 keys per day because of this
  18. thats a lot of links
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  19. Damn, now the Real vote race is gonna begin :)
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