Howdy! I'm blind

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by blindedeye, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. To anyone wondering who I am;

    MY ign is blindedeye
    I am 19 years young
    I currently am Koala+
    My discord: blindedeye
    Head of Construction/Manager at Verdant Nightclub (located at GreatLatte's island :)

    If you guys have any questions for me drop them below :D
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  2. i thought you meant you couldn’t see lmao
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  3. Literally so did I. I was thinking: how the bloody hell did you type this and if you had a special keyboard then why would you waste your time on this. Welcome to the server, nonetheless
    I thought this was a real place at first lmao
  4. Lmao no no I'm not a construction worker sadly ;( XD
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  5. And I take it you also are not blind?
  6. Legit thought this dude was blind whoopsies. Was gonna ask how your computer works
  7. Lmao maybe saymy name is blind instead of I’m blind
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  8. its like saying "I'm cat" but also like not at all
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  9. Howdy! Glad I hired you as a VNC Construction Worker/Manager!
  10. i hope you can see this reply ill add brail : .. ... :: ..
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  11. Hi im deaf
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  12. same!!!!
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  13. I can buy you a transplant if you want, did your guide dog teach you how to play minecraft? :D
  14. oml :p (who said i wasnt blind o_O)
  15. Good idea, I'm going to try to teach my dog to play MC.

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