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  1. Huge Male Secret Once you have received your doctor's approval, it is important to seek the help of a good physical trainer who will assist you in setting up the best training program for your body, will teach you the proper technique of each movement and can provide immediate help if you come to. suffer any kind of injury or injury. The combination of training and bodybuilding is very painful, so it's critical not to overdo and over-train, working out more than your body can handle. By exaggerating this type of training, the practitioner puts himself at high risk of injury and having to pause the exercises until he fully recovers. That is, it is more efficient to train less, but often and without hurting the body, than to go beyond its limits, get injured and need to stay weeks without working out, right? Another precaution is to maintain a healthy and proper diet that sustains the body during the exercises. These include food sources of muscle building protein and carbohydrates to replenish glycogen, which is the primary source of muscle energy. Bodybuilding is that cycle that can begin to accompany a woman usually from and stays in her life until she is. It happens when there is the scaling of the inner walls of the uterus due to the absence of fertilization. The endometrium is the inner membrane of the uterus, its surface ruptured and excreted in the shape of a blood fluid. Generally, each menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, with the period of blood excretion occurring from three to seven days, although some women may have different amounts of duration. And women are well aware that menstruation is not exactly simple. In addition to the bad cramps, it can be accompanied by the so-called Premenstrual Tension, which according to information from the World Health Organization affects 90% of women. PMS symptoms can be both physical and emotional, and may include: anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, headache, fluid retention, breast aches, bloating, tiredness, uncontrollable desire to eat sweet or salty foods, poor concentration, memory lapse, low self-esteem, depression, weight gain, changes in bowel habits, hot flushes, cold sweat, nausea, allergic reactions, acne and respiratory tract infections. But besides that, have you ever stopped to think of other ways that menstruation and the effects it has on a woman's life? For example, what is the relationship between exercise and menstrual periods? It cannot be said that it is bad to work out menstruating because the only person who can decide whether to exercise during the menstrual period is the woman in question. The way each woman feels may vary and each woman may experience different symptoms at different intensities. The best way to ensure that the period does not affect the exercise routine is to listen to what the body says.

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