I like turtles

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GucciGorilla, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. my real name is Ben
    I am from somewhere
    My best friend is someone
    I am 15
    I like turtles
  2. Nice to meet you Ben! xd
    I like turtles too!
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  3. Nice to meet you Ben! Hopefully I get to see you around!
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  4. hi buddy

    turtles deserve to burn in hell
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  5. urwelcomeucatnerd
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  6. My name Andrew.
    I 15
    I'm 5'11
    I like food
    I like pandass
  7. Lol, I'm 5'10
  8. Hey Ben
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  9. Hoi
  10. Welcome to the community, Ben. :)
  11. Welcome to Skyblocky, you seem like a great person!
  12. Thank you sm
  13. u have a friend? jk ily
  14. Hey Ben. I like trains
  15. lol, I love that
  16. Hey Ben. I'm also from somewhere. We must be living in the same area xD
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  17. lol, won't be surprised if I open house door and see you on my porch
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  18. Look through your window. I'm waving
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  19. I'm sure he feels safe and secure whilst seeing a perfect stranger waving through their window because they found out they live in the same area.
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