I made dis from scratch

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  1. This is a banner i made for someone! Leave your opinion down in replies section, Constructive Criticism is appreciated :)

    Watch how i made it here :

    1) Render -
    2) Finishing -

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  2. Woah, that's a nice banner! Great job :b
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  3. Amazing you mind making me one? I plan on streaming Skyblocky soon
  4. That looks awesome!
  5. Looks cool. :)
  6. teach me your ways
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  7. Looks fantastic wow!
  8. Thank you! <33
  9. o_O Looks nice!
  10. I need one rn!
  11. Good banner! Keep up the good work. :p
  12. I'd offer constructive criticism, but I really don't have any to provide. Mostly because I am inferior when it comes to digital art. Great job! :)
  13. how do u do dat stuff it good
  14. looks so fresh and so clean clean
  15. Show me de wae (old meme i know...)
  16. This is really cool! I feel especially inspired by the rendering of the text! I never thought of making a 3D rendering to use in PS
    Truly awesome!
  17. Thank you for the kind replies everyone! :D
  18. You can really make money out of this bro!
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