I need art classes

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  1. So yeah I made this about a somewhat realistic lego character and I made this. Regrets.

  2. @MagisticalGamer can help you!!
  3. Gonna hope to organise some lessons soon, can't wait to make better pieces! :D
  4. Looks simple but good
  5. tbh i could never do something that good so good going!
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  6. Love the picture xD
  7. Nice picture!
  8. I think it looks great!! ^-^
  9. It's reminds me of myself.
    Good Job:)
  10. This IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  11. Defenedly only I need grammatica lessons ;) but get me on discord man it would be free
  12. Lowkey not gonna lie, I do want to take art classes : )
  13. Youre always welkome ;)
  14. Spelling! it is Welcome! not Welkome!
  15. Where are your capitals, sir.
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  16. You can't talk, you don't use capital "I's".
  17. You got me there.
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  18. Tells me the person that uses numbers to show his name, smh.
  19. Street language just laik tis;)
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