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  1. Hello!

    So as seen in the server people have reach to being really rich and I may/am one of them, so what do you think the server should add for the next update I am a bit serious with your ideas and I would be happy to share my idea with you guys.

    psst, @Falsy anime isn't real, it is just a dream.
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  2. False.
  3. If you want to share your idea with the community, I would reccomend doing so in the suggestions section of the forums.
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  4. Well I thought that someone might say that, but this thread is different so people can share their ideas without getting it denied or needing to fill a template, but if you think I am doing it in a wrong way, please lock it as I respect your judgment.
  5. Your fine! This thread is actually a great idea, it would enable a bit of community feedback before making a formal suggestion,
  6. I am not rich! I only have 73 million dollars!
  7. Please keep this relavent
  8. Relevant.
  9. your
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  10. Y O U ' R E
  11. Oops! Ur** Totally mixing up ur and your!
  12. s h o o k
  13. what the heck guys lets keep this on topic
  14. "staff members we don't have power over them"
  15. I am not rich! I only have 1.074 Billion Dollars. I am so poor
  16. @Pyrotechnic is a rich boi tho
  17. You do not have the riches like pyro
  18. ; (
  19. Well I am with pyro and he is reech
  20. Pyro = bad case closed.
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