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    In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    SmallKoalaDaddy, KoalaDaddyV2, ImNotACabbage, CabbageForHelper, ImACabbage, KawaiiPandaBuny, I_Love_Michh, KawaiiPandaBuny, xXThunderhornXx, and TheVirus702

    Your Age

    What is your Skype username, and your Discord username and tag?
    live:smashossast <--- skype -- discord ---> ImAHotPanda

    Time on the Server

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    Pacific Time Zone

    How often are you online?
    Monday: ~~ 4:30PM - 10:00PM ~~
    Tuesday: ~~ 4:30PM - 10:00PM ~~
    Wedsenday: ~~ 4:30PM - 10:00PM ~~
    Thursday: ~~ 4:30PM - 10:00PM ~~
    Friday: ~~ 4:30PM - 12:00PM ~~
    Saturday: ~~8:00AM - 12:00PM ~~
    Sunday: ~~ 4:30PM - 10:00PM ~~

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    Being a helper involves many things. You need to know the rules and know the community that you're trying to help. I know many things about Skyblocky, I know almost all the staff and the majority of the players. I help out as many players as I can and as often as I can. I may not know everything, because I still have things to learn. But I know a lot of the rules. I know i've broken a few of them because I'm a stupid teenager. I usually help new players the most but I help all players because I'm a helpful person. I know most of the punishable offenses, because I pay attention in chat and read the ban/warning/mute lists daily to get an idea how often a player will break a rule. I know how to hand out mutes/warnings, if they are needed. Most people rely on staff when it comes to people being rude/confused. Being a helper also involves being patience and being able to make the right call when it comes to giving out warnings. I look over the rules a lot because I want to make sure everyone is following them and if they're not I will give out a punishment which is required. I'm not a "cold hearted" person but If my friend were to break a rule and tell me "don't punish me" i'd still punish them because I think that's staff abuse, because even though they broke the rule they shouldn't be exempt of being punished.When I give out punishments I'll mostly will always warn, unless the situation elevates. If something outrageous ever happens, I will contact other experienced staff members on what to do. I won't ever just do what is on my mind because I know that that can cause an issue and more then likely lead to demotion.

    The main requirement of being a helper is maturity because you need to know how to handle certain situations. I've been very immature on the server I have to say that but I've changed over the past 4 months. I learned that it requires patience and maturity. Overrall I've changed a lot in real life and in-game.

    What are your qualifications?
    Being a helper involves, having Patience,Honesty,Trustworthiness,Respect, and Maturity.

    All qualities that I have. I'm very patient when it comes to people who may not know the rules or know how to play the game. Therefore I try my best and my hardest to assist them. Honesty, I'm very honest when it comes to my opinions on things, I try not to be vague, because I don't want players hating me. I'm also very honest when it comes to certain things, I don't lie because whomever i'm lying to will find out it was a lie and I will be looked upon. Trustworthiness, I'm a very trustworthy person when it comes to meeting people. I try my best on first impressions because that will effect your future relationships with people. It's not only that being trustworthy is important it's the fact that you know how to be trustworthy, and you know how to be trustworthy. Respect, I'm a very respectful person but as a teen I have to say I tend to make some bad/stupid decisions within my teenage years, I've been playing Skyblocky for years and realized that I'm a very respectful person when it comes to those who are rude/disrespectful. I try to ease them from being rude, because people don't know what others are going through so I just try to make them have the best-est of days. As a teenager I have to say i'm a very mature teen but at sometimes I can be not as mature because i'm of course still a teen.. Yet people still tend to act like total kids. I'm a somewhat of a mature teen, and that's hard for people to find these days because we're going through puberty and crap like that and I want to let you guys know that being mature is important because some people are not. Therefore they won't take things serious. I'm a very serious person when it comes to decision making.

    I've been staff on many other servers, and I can bring my greatness into this server as I've done with others, making them better servers. I've been an admin on one server, but it closed due to family issues with the owner. I know a lot about server rules and a community in general. I'm not saying I'm the best staff but I do know a lot about it. Due to the fact that I've been staff on many servers, I don't have proof of that due to the fact It has been years since I was staff.

    These servers have all been shutdown due to lack of players.

    My past history before the reset wasn't the best but I said to myself "I want to change" therefore I did i'm a lot more respectful for those who are around me and I should show everyone respect whether it's outside the server or inside the server.

    I can bring many things to the server. For example, I can bring helpfulness to new players. Most staff don't have time to help new players because they have more important things to do then that. I can also bring more players in because I have a higher audience then most players. I can get people to be more respectful within the server and try to get people to buy things on the server like ranks/items/keys/kits. I can bring my knowledge of staffing and knowing the rules to Skyblocky, I'm a very grateful person, and I can be a very nice person towards others, but I want to focus my respectfulness on Skyblocky due to the fact, I've met many great and respectful players on the server and I want other players to have that same opportunity.

    Additional Information
    My past is something I get looked upon and I regret most of the things i say because it's disrespectful towards not only me but other people as well. I've learned that if I want to be respected that I should respect other people as well. I've learned that it is hard to be forgiven for the things I've said and done.
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    Since you meet the requirements, I will be giving my personal opinion on your application.

    • Your online-time is decent and you're able to dedicate upwards of 4+ hours a day.
    • I like how you included your past in this application and owned up to your previous mistakes.
    • I can tell you've spent a long time writing your application due to its length. reece smh
    • You should take the time to elaborate on your past experiences, just saying that you were an admin on a previous server isn't sufficient enough to make yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants.
    • The only staff that wouldn't have time to help other players are Administrators and above...? Helpers, Moderators and Senior Moderators should already be helping players on a daily basis, we don't really have more important things to do.
    • You state that you can help players be more respectful within the server, how will you accomplish this? You're a bit vague in some areas of your application, and this is one of them.
    • Although you have a previous punishment record, you've managed to stay clean since the end of may, which is a good thing. However, you had a situation where you weren't able to come online for a long period since then, so I'd like to see you stay clean for a little while since your arrival back into the server.

    As of now, I still do not feel as if you are ready for this position. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck! c:
  3. Thank you for your opinion and I'll try my best to give a better understanding of my past staffing.
    Thank you for your rating as well.
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    I'm going to give you a -1.

    Firstly, you have a lot of grammatical errors(15+ in the first section) in this that really show that you didn't go over it before you posted it. There's a lot of admittedly sloppy mistakes that most people (in my mind), would have seen as they're typing it. For example, you're missing words in some sections that really makes it nearly impossible to assume what you're meaning. It's not my place to give you specific examples, I want you to find them yourself.

    Next, while you have a lot of detail, the detail you're giving isn't really that important to the question at hand. You talk about what being a Helper involves, but then you go on a tangent about how you don't know everything. I'd have liked to see you tell us why that's important for it to be in that section. Not only does it feel random, for most people, it might not even correlate to anything. I can assume why you put it there, but your application is your time to show us what you want us to see, and to walk us through your application. Leaving people reading your application to assume what you're meaning isn't a good thing.

    Also, with the above, you do have a lot of good things in this application, but I'd have liked to see some diversity. You mention the same thing quite a bit in a lot of your sentences. You also say a lot of things that are leaving me to question whether or not you really know what being a Helper is, or if you're just telling us what you think we want to hear. An example of this is the unsure nature that you give in your "Helper involves" section. You go between being confident to questionable. Saying things like, "I think that's staff abuse", isn't really something that makes me feel like you're... Suited, nor prepared for this position... Yeah, let's go with those words. I'd have said something else but I can't think of the words right now. I'll edit them later if I can remember.

    Moving on from that, you say that you've been immature on the server, but then mention a timespan of four months. I don't personally believe that four months is enough to go from "immature" to staff. With the above, you came back quite recently after leaving for awhile after that "immature" factor. It's hard to say whether or not you've really changed. I like the honesty, but I don't personally believe that four months is enough to go from immature and breaking rules to staff member. I don't personally believe the community in retrospect would, either. I wouldn't be comfortable having someone who was once immature to me, and breaking the rules, become staff months later because they "changed".

    Next up, your qualifications are vague at best. It's vague to the point in which I don't know whether or not I want to believe you. I'm not the one to say, "I think this applicant is lying," but I'd have preferred if you could show any sort of proof at all besides, "I've staffed on many servers". You are allowed to name networks on applications. Anyone can say, oh yeah I've staffed servers before, but then fail to list any or provide any sense of proof what-so-ever. You say that you try not to be vague, but your entire application has a vague nature to it. Everything about it leaves more to be asked for, and leaves me wondering why you weren't vague when saying that you don't want to be. Your qualifications section is super messy and hard to follow, by the way. I'd have liked to see it spaced out where each section (patience, honesty, etc.) - Also, you repeat "Being a helper involves," when asked for qualifications. Qualifications and what a Helper involves are two separate things entirely.

    "Due to the fact that I've been staff on many servers, I don't have proof of that due to the fact It has been years since I was staff."
    No offense, but I'm not going to believe this. I have proof of me being staff on networks from 2016, just because I would take screenshots of what happened in chat. What I don't have proof of, I don't mention. It just leads to conspiracy and questioning, as well as rumor and falsified discussion.

    "Most staff don't have time to help new players because they have more important things to do then that."
    This is false. Every staff member that's on the team right now dedicates a lot more to the discussion and to the community than I can show you with words. I applied because there was a lack of staff in my local timezone, and I resigned because I felt like we were over-staffed. There's almost always at least one staff member online, except for late US times (around when the server reboots, 2 AM for me).

    major grammatical errors

    FTFY <333
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  5. Yea, I've started to notice that in my applications that I mention the same thing a couple of times.

    I would provide screenshots but I've had to wipe my computer a couple of times due to memory related issues.

    Yes as a 14 year old I don't have perfect grammar no one does. I try my best to look over it and make sure to fix any mistake that I see.

    Other then I completely agree with the things you've said and I should wait more then 4 months before reapplying to show that I've changed my maturity levels.

    Thank you for rating and you're personal opinion.
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    You shouldn't be impersonating. Considering you're applying for staff, you should know this rule as it is a simple one.
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  7. +0.5
    • Time is good.
    • Good detailed app.
    • I have found only one mistake in this application.
    Good luck
  8. I asked someone and they said it was allowed. They were wrong. I know the rule of impersonation as well.

    Thank you for your rating.
  9. A staff member?
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    I believe it was a Pro player.
    Shouldn't have listened to them.
  11. Hi! I'm going to give you a -0.5 for the following reasons.

    • I've been on this server for a while and I do see you trying your best to change in your actions.
    • I do see you on the server once in a while.
    • You have a decent idea on what a helper is.
    • I liked how you told some of your past mistakes.
    • There were a lot of grammatical errors but I can overlook this because I have super bad grammar and understand it can be hard to notice them.
    • I haven't seen you on that much recently ( could be due to time zones ) . I would recommend trying to participate more in chat to understand the community more. ( You could be doing this already but I may be offline ).
    • I would have liked to see more detail in your past experiences/or overall more information in that section.
    • I feel like you mentioned the same thing in multiple times. I don't know if this is just me or not.
    I am willing to change my rating later on.

    I wish you the best of luck :D
  12. Yes, I've mentioned the same thing a couple of times just haven't been able to get around to it to edit/revise it.

    I've been on almost all day but it's probably just because your timezone.
  13. hate ur guts still hasnt apologized

    give this man staff +0.29
  14. I never said I was going to you just wanted me to. I thought about it and i'm not going to do it because you're one person and you can have your own opinion on me.
  15. So before I posted this screenshot of your impersonating. You didn't know that it was impersonating at the time, or you were confused about the rules.

    Just now you said "shit". Not the worst word in the world but you need to be professional if you're trying to apply for staff. Saying these kinds of words doesn't show that. (Just letting you know)
  16. The issue with this is if a Pro player were to tell you a false rule as a staff member, and you listened to them, you would be abusing your power.

    I don’t think you’re ready for the staff position.
  17. I wouldn't listen to many players after that and I would have to question higher staff instead of asking the community
  18. -1 For well everything I've seen you say above...
  19. I still don't believe you'd be fit for the role.
  20. Greetings.

    I could write a list of reasons here, but everyone above has already done so. Please, take their criticism to heart - each time you get feedback, yet your application & performance is no better the next time you apply.

    Application denied.
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