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  1. Hey CandyCraft fans,

    We have added Stripe as a payment option to our store. When you are checking out simply click Stripe under "Payment Method", fill out the card details, agree to the terms and conditions, and click purchase.

    Need help? Watch a short GIF below explaining this further...

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  2. Stripe would help for UK players. Great addition!
  3. Not sure what Stripe is but good job on adding a new payment option :)
  4. No idea what this is but the more payment methods the better.
  5. Now kids can steal their parent's credit cards and use it much more easily. Lol
  6. SHH
  7. Cool never heard of it but cool :)
  8. You left this thread unlocked but not the same one on Arkham? Okay.

    Good to see some additions :p
  9. Great addition! Thanks for adding :)
  10. Excellent addition to the buycraft page! An additional way to pay for your purchases. :)
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