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Would you play with me on SkyBlocky

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  1. Hello my name is ChaosGamer1080p also known as Chaos. My real name is Matthew but everyone calls me Alex as thats my middle name and I prefer it. I like to play many games such as: Arma 3, Minecraft, The Forest, Warframe and Total War but thats just a few of the many games I play. I joined the Skyblocky Community back in January of 2017 and I played it basically everyday but i stopped playing for a long time after the reset and just recently came back. I have a PC and PS4 now if you dont like Technical stuff i suggest Skipping this part

    Specs of my Computer:

    Intel i7 6700k
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980
    Hyper X DDR4 8 GB x2
    GIGABYTE B360 AORUS GAMING 1151 Socket Motherboard
    idk my CPU Cooler or my power supply as I Forgot.

    Back on topic:

    Anyway I like meeting new people although I can be nervous at time and I can take a joke.
    I hope to play on Skyblocky for a long time and I hope I meet you guys there Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the server!
  3. Its true :(...... haha
  4. Welcome back! o/
  5. Welcome back! Hope to see you online soon! :)
  6. Thanks!
    Hope to see you too
  7. Hey Matt / Alex / Chaos xD
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  8. Hahahaha xD hellooo!
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