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    In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    Kevin2252006. I got that IGN from my 12-year-old brother so it's not my birthday. He doesn't have access to it anymore as I changed my password.
    Your Age

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    I will tell it if I get accepted.

    Time on the Server
    2d 8h and 26m

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone

    How often are you online?
    Monday: 1-2.5 hours.
    Tuesday: 3-4 hours.
    Wednesday: 3-5 hours.
    Thursday: 3-4 hours.
    Friday: 3-5 hours.
    Saturday: 5-10 hours.
    Sunday 5-9 hours.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    I will first list the character that a Helper/Trial needs.


    It is very important that a Helper/Trial is mature as they have a big responsibility on the server. You can't be staff if you're insulting/joking always. I try to be mature as best as I can.


    A Helper/Trial needs to be always kind to players. They are the role-model of the server and aren't allowed to insult/disrespect people. I'm always friendly and helping people if they need it so this is my main character.

    I'm always giving people the same punishment if they do the same mistake. I don't care if it is a friend or not. I could better have friends that are legit so I think ''This is not the best friend''.


    I'm responsible for my own mistakes. I will never blame someone if I did it. I know that if I break the rules that I get punished. The staff from Skyblocky does have a big responsibility so I need to be responsible for my own mistakes before I have the big responsibility for Skyblocky.


    As a Helper/Trial you have permissions and I'm very trustworthy. I'm never scamming/lying to someone. I don't want to bring Skyblocky a bad reputation because I abused my permissions so a Helper/Trial will need to be trustworthy.

    You will need to stay calm in certain situations. If a player asks something then you will need to react calm after 5 minutes of explaining if he still doesn't know it. I'm staying calm in most of the situations and if I'm getting Impatience then I go leave the room for 5 minutes and calming down.

    Positive behavior:

    A Helper/Trial will need to look positive into things. If they always negative then most players don't want the negative guys as staff. I'm always so positive as I can and I try my best as I can to be a positive player on Skyblocky.

    I will now list the things a Helper/Trial needs to know/doing.

    Knowledge of the rules:

    A staffmember will need to know the rules because they enforce the rules. If a staffmember breaks rules by his/herself then the staffmember could give the wrong punishment or ignoring it. A staffmember needs to read the rules (Not only in-game but the forum/discord rules as well)

    Knowledge of Skyblocky:
    I'm honest, I sometimes ask a question to staffmembers too, but most of the time, I know the answer by myself and I will never ignore the question of a player. A staffmember without knowledge of Skyblocky will result in that it is hard to be a staffmember because players are constantly asking questions to the Helper/Trial.

    Knowledge of the Forums:

    A staffmember is using the forums a lot. If a staffmember doesn't know how to use the forums they will have a lot of problems. A higher staffmember will be thinking about a demote because the staffmember is not very familiar. I have 33 messages right now. I'm honest that it isn't very much but I know how to fix problems on the forums and how to use them.


    You need to be active. I don't mean staying AFK for hours but using the chat. Helping people and talking with the community then you will be more familiar with the community. I'm 90% of the time not AFK and talking/helping people in the chat. Activity on the Forums is important too as a staffmember is using the forums a lot.

    What are your qualifications?
    My qualifications are:

    NevusBlock (playerbase 25-75 players)

    I was a Moderator on this Minehut server. It was a really popular skyblock server on it. I was first Trainee on NevusBlock and needed to help people and making staff reports because I had no perms to ban people. I learned to see the difference between legit players and players with blacklisted modifications. I got promoted after 0.5 weeks to Moderator as I worked a lot on this server and I had a good attitude. I got demoted from Moderator to Member 2 months ago because I told about another skyblock server that was kinda fun but it wasn't the best server.

    Blockout (playerbase 10-25 players)

    I was a Trainee on this server. It was a 1v1 server. I needed to punish rulebreakers and helping players. I don't really learned anything from this server because it was a boring server. I got demoted on it because of inactivity. It was a pretty boring server so I had no motivation to play on it.

    IRL Experiences:

    I'm helping my (other) brother sometimes with his paper-round. I tell him what to do and whats the best way to do the paper-round. I learned from it to be friendly and to be more a leader instead of a follower.

    Scenario's so you can see, how I'm handling this.

    Someone is hacking, what would you do as Trial.

    I would look at the potential hacker and then recording so I can PM a higher staffmember to ban the hacker. If someone is accusing a player of hacking, then I will ask them friendly to stop because then the hacker could turn his/her hacks off.

    You muted a well-known player and they are going to spam your forum/discord.

    I would tell them friendly to stop and if they don't stop then I don't go react again on it. If you react and getting angry, that's what they want.

    What would you do if there are 10 players are asking you questions and players are breaking the rules.

    I would punish and record the rulebreakers. I will answer the questions from the players as best as I can. If I don't know a question, then I will ask it to another staffmember.

    You're coming home from school and have a lot of homework, Oh no, you have tomorrow a test too and you want to take a 5-minute break on Skyblocky but 2 hours later you're still playing. What would you do?

    I would tell the players that I'm going to make some homework and going to learn for my test tomorrow. If I have time then I go back to Skyblocky.
    Additional Information
    I'm going 5 days per week to school and then I'm less active then in the weekend.

    I'm going to try to become more mature.

    I will try to have a higher ontime.
  2. no
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  3. Hi Iron_Kevin,
    I am going to stay neutral on your application at this point in time.
    -You do have a decent amount of ontime and your forums activity is great
    -Your application is lengthy, showing you put some time into it
    -There are many grammatical and spelling errors in your application

    I will continue to watch you in game and I may be willing to change my rating to a +1
    Best of luck :)
  4. Hello and thank you for applying! Here are my thoughts and comments on your application:

    Does your brother still have access to this account?

    Please provide your Discord.

    How long has it been since you have been demoted?

    How long has it been since you have been demoted on that server? Remember, if you get bored of a server that you are staffing on, you can always resign or take a break.

    Trials cannot vanish. Sr.Mods+ can though.

    There are several grammar mistakes in your application. Please proof read before submitting your application. It looks like you have some staffing experience but you have been demoted from two of those servers. To be honest, I have never seen you online but that could be due to the fact of our difference in timezones.

    Overall I am going to give your application a neutral. Thank you again for applying and good luck!
  5. I will actually rate this now. Seems like it may be fun.
    this is true.
    "when" you get accepted? I would recommend thinking in terms of 'if' you get accepted.
    1. False
    2. The grammar here sucks.
    3. False.
    This can add up to 39.5 hours. This doesn't add up with your current online time. This is also assuming that you are getting max hours that you say you can do, so this is blatantly incorrect. Also, are you really saying you can be on for 39.5 out of the 168 hours in a week? This is around a quarter of the week. I doubt you will really be able to be online as much as you are saying you can.
    For the first line; just why? You should know better than talking about other servers anyways, never mind your doing it while being of a staff position.
    For the second line, you simply cannot just stop playing when you get bored. As Arl said, you should just resign. If you just stop playing, you are going to always be demoted. The fact that you did this makes me believe that you are not suitable for the position.

    All in all, I do not think you are ready for staff. It is a no from me.
    oh and also your application made my Grammarly go crazy. In these quotations alone, are at least 7 grammatical errors. Thank you and have a nice day.
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  6. Because of Pringles understanding response, I am going to change my rating for your application.

  7. After reading Pringle's comments I will also be changing my rating to a -1
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it that you guys put effort in the feedback.

    Btw, Pringle, It is between that and not always the maximal hours per week.

    Arl, I'm allowed to tell my discord if I get accepted. I did my application and it said that if I'm not comfortable to share this that I can give it when I get accepted.

    Sorry for my grammar/spelling as English is not my first language. I go trying to learn the English grammar but sometimes it's just hard for me because it is not my first language.

    Pringle, A lot of staff are demoted in the past years and got accepted as staff. It is pretty strange that you say that I'm not fit for the staffteam because I got demoted in the past. A lot of staffmembers are accepted with a history with some demotes and even demotes on Skyblocky.

  9. I know that being demoted doesn't mean that one cannot become a staff member again. Neither does being denied. What I do know, is that deciding you don't want to play and not taking it upon yourself to actually resign, and instead just stopping play, is stupid, and immature. I think you are unsuitable because you just stopped playing. Take it from me: I started to get bored of MC, and for that reason, I resigned from staff. When you decide you don't want to play, you have to do something. You can't just cease logging in for a month. Staff is a commitment, and you have to treat it as such.
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  10. It was already some months ago and I learned that it isn't the best way to quit the staffteam. Thanks for your response by the way,
  11. You have nice thoughts but knowing you, I don't think you're ready for a staff role.
  12. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. idont think i said no yet so

  14. I'm going to have to agree with ASinglePringle on this one. This will be a -1 from me.
    Best of luck -Jr
  15. Thanks for your response.
  16. Thanks for the response.
  17. I'm gonna give a proper detailed response. I think you have the qualities, of a staff member. I'd want to know if that is the only reason you were demoted. The next reason is I think the only reason you played skyblocky was to get staff. I'm saying this because you seem to have been interested in staffing as soon as you joined. I'm going to stay neutral as of now.
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  18. Ok thanks for staying neutral. It was the only reason as they don't wanted advertisers...
    I'm not only playing it for staff but because the server is fun too.

  19. I'm going to remain neutral for what Pringle and Meaty have said. Everything I have to say has already been previously stated.
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