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    In Game Name
    Iron_Kevin, RarketLeague is my nickname.

    Previous IGN's
    Kevin2252006, It is the account from my little brother but he doesn't have access to it anymore.

    Your Age
    I'm 17 years old.

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    I will tell upon acceptance.

    Time on the Server
    2d 11h 30m and 3.5 days before the reset so almost 6 days in total.

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    My timezone is CET.

    How often are you online?
    Monday: 0:30 - 1:30 hours
    Tuesday: 1 - 2 hours
    Wednesday: 2-3 hours
    Thursday: 1-2 hours
    Friday: 2-3 hours
    Saturday: 3-5 hours
    Sunday: 3-4 hours.

    Every day except the weekend I can be online between 4 PM and 10 PM but my low playtime schedule here is because of school. It is just the time I could be online if I don't have homework.

    What do you think being a Trial involves?
    A trial needs these characters, I will list them.

    A trial is expected to be always friendly to everyone. A trial needs also to control their anger because there are sometimes just people that a trial doesn't like. I'm pretty kind and I can control my anger, and if I'm very angry then I just go outside taking a time-out from the situation.


    A trial does have a big responsibility on Skyblocky and I want to deal with the responsibility. A trial needs to stay calm in certain situations instead of being very angry and swearing at everyone as I listed in Kindness. A Trial is expected to be mature because if Skyblocky does have immature staff members then it is going wrong with the server. I'm pretty mature instead at the moment that I just stopped playing on that server but I will apologize for it and I take full responsibility for the fact that I did that. I'm responsible for my own mistakes and my punishments and I will understand it if you would deny this application because it isn't the best on Skyblocky.


    Unbiased means that I'm giving my friend the same thing as I give the other people like in punishments. I reported my own friend on the website because he did something wrong (ludolullabi02). I'm giving the same punishment to my friend as to a normal player. It is unfair when I give my friend a lower punishment than a normal player.


    A trial needs to be trustworthy because they are granted some permissions. A trial can abuse those permissions and that's bad for the reputation of Skyblocky. I'm really trustworthy because I don't want to ruin the experience for the players and ruining the reputation for myself/Skyblocky.


    A trial needs to be patient because there are a lot of situations that a trial needs to be patient, like if they need to wait very long for someone to deal with the hackers or giving a promote to helper for trial. A trial needs to be also patient if someone is asking a question and he still doesn't understand it after 15 minutes of explanation. I'm really patient.

    Positive behavior:

    It is recommended from a trial to be positive. A negative player is bringing less fun to the server and they are always looking negative in almost everything even in positive things. Players do like positivity and do not like negativity often. I'm really positive on the server even if there is happening some negative things in real life.

    I will list the things now a trial needs to do/know

    Knowledge of the rules:

    It is very important for a trial to follow the rules especially because they are enforcing the rules so they can't break the rules or it will lead in a demotion. A trial needs to know the in-game rules but the forum/discord rules as well. My punishment history is fully clean if you look at my previous punishments and I'm reading the rules 1 time per week.

    Knowledge of Skyblocky:

    A trial needs to answer questions from players, and if they aren't really experienced with Skyblocky then they will have a big problem, to be honest, I'm sometimes asking questions to the staff too because I forgot something so I can learn from it but I can answer really many questions staff about Skyblocky.

    Knowledge/activity of/on the Forums:

    A trial is using the forums really much as the forum is the place to deal with rulebreakers, staff applications, etc. There are also announcements on the forums. A good minimal message count on the forums is 20-30. This application is going to be my 105th message on the forums so that's decent, I think, some applications are accepted with 15 messages.


    It is a good idea to be active in-game because there is no ''Forum-trial'' but a trial is a trial on every platform, not only on time but staying active in the chat too because most of the players do have a big playtime but from staying afk and that's not staying active.

    What are your qualifications?
    Playerbase: 25-75 players.
    Ex-rank: Moderator.
    What did I need to do: I needed to help people on their islands and answering questions. I also needed to make staff reports until I was a moderator because a trainee didn't have access to ban people.
    Reason of demotion: I told people a skyblock server because in a joke about servers and staff hunting and I told them it was a good server but they are accepting staff hunters so then I got demoted because they saw my messages with /msg. I learned from it that even in a joke it is not acceptable to name other servers. The server did shut down 3 days after I got demoted.

    Playerbase: 10-25 players:
    Ex-rank: Trainee
    What did I need to do: I needed to help people and recording hackers in duels. It was a PvP server and I needed to moderate it. The name Trainee says it already: I was in a trial period.
    Reason of demotion: Inactivity because I left the server because it was boring but I forgot to resign so I got demoted. I apologize for the situation and I will accept it if I get denied because of this reason. I learned from it that I need to be dedicated to 1 server and that if I don't like the server that I need to remember to resign instead of getting demoted because if I resign then the chance is bigger to re-apply when I want and then they still trust me if I resign.

    TryToDie (I forgot that I had this server from 1.5 years ago)
    Playerbase: 10-15 players.
    Ex-rank: Owner/founder
    What did I need to do: I needed to accept and promote people to staff, I needed to manage/build/developing the server and I needed to moderate the server if there aren't any staff members online.
    Reason of resignation: The server was going dead so I did shut down the server to prevent any useless costs for the server.

    IRL Experiences:

    I'm helping my other little brother (14 years old) with his paper round. I'm learning him the best way to do it because I had previous experience with it and then you're thinking: Why do we need to know this? It shows staffing skills because a staff member is helping people.


    You're going to sleep because you're really tired, but then there is a hacker online and many players are reporting this hacker to you, what would you do?

    I would sleep later so I can record this hacker to report it to a moderator so he can deal with this hacker and punishing it, I would also tell the players in the chat if they are hackusating to stop hackusating.

    You muted a well-known player on Skyblocky and now their friends are spamming your Discord/Forum profile to unmute that player, what would you do?

    I would ask them friendly to stop and if they aren't stopping then I will just ignore them because they just want a reaction/to unmute the well-known player because they are making you angry by spamming you.

    5 players are asking you a question, what would you do?

    I would answer the questions so best as I can and if I can't follow the questions then I will ask the players to ask their questions again so I can answer them then.

    Additional Information
    I'm not very good at the English language, I apologize it when you can't understand something in my application because of my bad grammar.
  2. Just no

    This is so damn hard to believe
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  3. I mean genuinely +1, considering I was the only Australian staff and now that I'm gone. I think bog Ol' Kevin here deserves the spot. I don't care what their timezone is but I see them on a lot when I'm on. They are super kind and professional, which is why Im going with the rating I'm giving.
  4. Thanks for your rating MeatyBones!
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. idk if i noed this already but no also i dont believe this
  7. I'll go through some things now.
    I don't believe this one bit from the way you act in and out of game, and your maturity level from what I have seen.
    This is kind of right
    Trials basically never deal with hackers unless you are the only staff member on.
    I haven't seen you a single time before this season. I wouldn't consider you 'really experienced'.
    I will agree, you have been oddly active on the forums. You have over 100 posts in a matter of like 2 months. Tbh, it seems to me like you are just posting to get your post count up, but that is just my opinion.
    I didn't read a single thing here that showed me any of your qualifications. All I saw, was you getting demoted for being 'dumb' and for doing stupid things on the server. I am not convinced that you won't do the same things here. All I see here is that you staffed on some small servers and got demoted from two of them for being basically lazy.
    This doesn't happen. Players don't go to forums to spam. And almost always, the friends of the player couldn't care less that their friend got muted for breaking a rule.

    I have seen you make inappropriate jokes, rude jokes, and harmful jokes all in all. You have made jokes about ddosing and other things along the same lines. I don't think you are suitable for staff.

  8. I'm experienced in Skyblocky but if you think that I'm not experienced, ok.

    I just create scenarios.

    I did make 1 joke about DDoS and that was not very inappropriate ''I go DDoS you and you live in a cactus in Mexico''

    You're still judging me on 2 demotes, look at some staff members they got accepted and they were demoted at Skyblocky.

    I'm not posting to get my post count up.

    I'm 17 years old but if you don't believe it, ok.

    Thanks for your response.
  9. First of all, you can reply. The fact that you don't makes me question your forums knowledge. Also, the joke about ddosing that you mentioned was not the one I was thinking of. You've also made other immature jokes. Frankly, this to me looks a bit passive aggressive and that you took my criticism the wrong way.
  10. If I did make immature jokes, I don't remember them but list them up in a conversation or so. I didn't mean to come over as aggressive. Oh, wait, If I make an inappropriate joke then I will be punished but I have a clean punishment history.
  11. ^
  12. I agree with the points Pringle has made here. -1
  13. jake do the gif if ur gonna -1
  14. I'm not even done with listing the immature things of the response you did ASinglePringle
    This sounds aggressive and you're calling me out for ''dumb'' and ''lazy''. I did stupid things on that server but that doesn't mean that my personality is ''dumb'' or ''lazy''.


    You don't know, maybe it is going to happen. Not really smart to think that '''nobody'' is doing that. Good idea for the forum spammers maybe then they have finally a good forum. By the way, some guys already posted topics about libido-boosters. Forum spammers are realistic and could really happen at this forum, maybe not now but over 6 months.
  15. ive been just about the most active person on the forums for a year and ive never seen anyone spam staffs pages like that

    it doesnt happen really ever
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    yes bee man is forums active mans
    Every now and then, a person will go and type *a* message on a staff member's page saying 'I got banned what do I do'
  17. I'm just going to stay neutral for the following reasons.
    • You have prior staff experience which is epic
    • You have gotten pretty active in game and on the forums
    • You seem pretty chill from what I have seen personally
    • Your timezone is pretty nice. We don't have a lot of Aussie staff members so there's not always someone on at weird American hours

    Critique Time

    Just want to point out punishments are cleared at the start of each reset not sure if any of this happened prior to our last one.

    I'm sure you're aware, but inappropriate remarks/jokes aren't really are thing. From what I have personally seen I have never witnessed you be immature. However, with what is going down in the comment section of your application it is leading me to think otherwise.

    My main advice would be to take criticism and either learn from it or if you feel it does not apply to you reply to someones critic appropriately but there's no need to attack them or anything. Just a nice "I do not recall doing that, however if I have I will be more careful in the future" is a great way to show you're acknowledging them.

    I currently do not think you're quite ready to be staff here, however I encourage you to keep trying. You have a lot of great qualities which really shine bright, but for the time being with everything going down in the comment section it's having me have mixed opinions. Best of luck to you!
    -Hushy the smol bean boi
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  18. I'm apologizing if my responses were aggressive/not very smart of me. I hope you will forgive me this.
    Thanks for your rating!
  19. I am going to give your application a -1 for the reasons below:
    • It seems from the comments of this application that you cannot take criticism very well
    • It also seems like you are just posting to get your post count up on the forums, as Pringle said.
    • It doesn't look like you are familiar with the server enough yet
    There are a lot of Pros that have also been mentioned and I could see you becoming a staff member in the future with some more improvement.

    Good luck with your application,
  20. Thanks for your reaction but I played already 6 days in total at the server. How I'm not familiar with it then?
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