Joker's Skyblocky Introduction

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  1. Hello, I'd like to introduce myself to any new Skyblocky players and people I haven't communicated with in the time I've taken off from Minecraft. First off, for the people who don't know me my name is Gavin and I am currently 16 years old. I enjoy playing Minecraft a lot as it is how I met most of my current friends and contacts. You can find me on the server or you can start a conversation with me on here if you'd like to ask me some questions or just want to meet me personally. I respond to all conversations. As for the people who know me as the person who played CandyCraft I'm back and better than ever.

    ~ Your Dad, Joker
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  2. If you’re my dad how come I know where you are?
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  3. you smell gavin
  4. Hey Gavin
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  5. idk

    no u smell

    Hey Owta
  6. : )
  7. : )
  8. I thought you were my Wife? D:
  9. I am :)
  10. : ))
  11. I recognise you
  12. what a coincidence

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