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  1. Hey there, I am a random person who likes Skyblocky.
    Well, that's all I got, I'm not very surprising.

  2. Hey. :b
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  3. Why hello random person that likes Skyblocky!
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  4. yes salutations
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  5. Hello!
  6. Hello there :D
  7. Hello! How are you doing?
  8. Hey there! c:
  9. Thank you so much for asking! I'm doing great! :).
  10. oi oi savaloy
  11. That is good! :D
  12. Hello not so random player of whom I have known for over a year. Good to be reacquainted with you :)
  13. Oh woah! For over a year? I've been on Skyblocky for a long time now! <3.

    Hello there Nico! <3.

    Hi :).
    Hey! <3.

    Now everyone got a hello back :D! <3
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