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    I'm happy to announce that just a few days after the merge to Skyblocky, we've released a new rank, Koala+!
    Right now, it's a basic upgrade from Koala, however, soon we'll be releasing some awesome new perks for every rank.
    Already Koala? Upgrade right here!

    Global Perks

    • Global Broadcast saying that you supported the server
    • Koala+ tag ingame

    • Koala+ Tag on Forums
    • Ability to join full servers
    • Use multiple colors in titles
    • Change your chat color
    • Change your guild chat color
    • Colored chat in /pm
    • Announcement + effect in the world when you join
    • No chat cooldown
    • Bold /titlecolor
    • 15x Auction House Slots
    • 5 custom titles (/createtitle)
    • Use colors in shouts
    • Custom forum banner
    • /gkit koalaclaw - Omnitool
    • /gkit koala+daily - Gives two of every crate key!
    • 1x free /titlecreate every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)
    • 1x free StatTrack tag every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)
    • 1x free ItemRename tag every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)

    Global Commands

    • /color - Change your chat color
    • /titlecolor - Customize your title's format and colors
    • /nick - Change your nickname
    • /ranktitle - Toggle your donator or citizen prefix
    • /shout - Globally shout across the network (5 minute cooldown)
    • /supershout - Globally shout across the network (1 hour cooldown)
    • /b - Talk in chat with bold (15min cooldown)
    • /emotes - Show your emotions!
    • /guild - Ability to create a Guild for your friends
    • /nv - Toggleable nightvision
    • /joinmessage - Customizable join message
    • /joineffects - Customizable join effects
    • /friends - Friends system that notifies you when friends login
    • /suggest - Suggest new features and changes for the server which admins can review
    • /helpop - Request help from Admins

    Global Emotes

    • Cool
    • Smile
    • Grin
    • Wink
    • Cry
    • Sleepy
    • Surprised
    • Cheeky
    • Rage
    • Frown

    Global Chat Emotes

    • /wave
    • /highfive
    • /hug
    • /kiss
    • /lick
    • /shank
    • /punch
    • /love
    • /swag
    • /wrekt
    • /destroyed
    • /pwned
    • /fan
    • /moo
    • /slap

    Skyblock Perks

    • Ability to create chestshops
    • Use color codes on signs
    • Keep XP on death
    • 4x mcMMO XP
    • 20x Player Vault

    Skyblock Commands

    • /near - List nearby players
    • /kit Koala+ - A unique kit for your rank
    • /spawner - View a list of spawner types
    • /recipe - Shows the materials needed to craft an item
    • /hat - Wear the item in your hand as a hat
    • /workbench - Access a portable crafting table
    • /clearinventory, /ci - Clears your entire inventory
    • /enderchest - Opens a portable enderchest
    • /heal - Heal yourself
    • /feed - Fills your hunger bar (with cooldown)
    • /jump - Teleport in the direction you are looking
    • /fly - Toggle the ability to fly
    • /god - Become invincible to all damage
    • /fix - Fix the item in your hand (with cooldown)
    • /fixall - Fix all items in your inventory (with cooldown)

    Koala+ Kit

    • 1x Diamond Helmet - Protection:5 Unbreaking:4
    • 1x Diamond Chestplate - Protection:5 Unbreaking:4
    • 1x Diamond Leggings - Protection:5 Unbreaking:4
    • 1x Diamond Boots - Protection:5 Unbreaking:4
    • 1x Diamond Sword - Sharpness:6 FireAspect:3 Looting:4
    • 1x Diamond Shovel - Efficiency:6 Unbreaking:4 Fortune:4
    • 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency:6 Unbreaking:4 Fortune:4
    • 1x Diamond Axe - Efficiency:6 Unbreaking:4 Fortune:4
    • 192x Cobblestone
    • 112x Log
    • 112x Grass
    • 112x Dirt
    • 112x Sand
    • 256x Redstone Dust
    • 112x Iron Ingot
    • 56x Gold Ingot
    • 14x Diamond

    Global Kits have been released as well, use /gkit <name> to redeem your kits! Koala+ is the only rank with pre-added global kits, but if you're a lower rank, you can purchase yours right here.

    Kits Include
    Koala Claw Kit
    Money Kit
    Spawner Kit
    Booster Kit
    Rename Tag Kit
    Random Kit

    More information about the contents of each kit is listed on the link above.

    We'll also have some great content updates in the coming weeks. Remember to leave your suggestions here so I can read them and take some into consideration!

    Lastly, I've done as many purchase helps as I could in the last few days, and although there are still a few remaining, the majority are finished. Don't fret, I'll get to yours within the next day or so too!
    Now that global kits are out, though, instead of receiving a voucher for your previous Candycraft global kits, you'll receive one of the current global kits instead.

    I'm super proud that we reached a peak of over 300 players recently. Thanks for playing!

    Kindest Regards,
    - Evergreen
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  2. Thats hot. 1st
  3. Sweet!~
    Hopefully we can see a Koala+ forums tag soon ;)
  4. Fix spawners fucking hell
    Which gkits do I get back? I had 3 gkits (CandyCane, Lollipop and Random) on 3 accounts and I've only been credited with Random gkit. Are you going to add other gkits later that I will be compensated with? Or are you going to credit me with one of the current gkits?
  5. y'all should buy me Koala+ bc why not?
  6. Hummm I wanna pay but cant pay in ethereum
  7. Can’t wait for Koala_!!
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  8. So basically ArkhamKnight for Arkham without a chat channel or discord for Koala+ and Chris/Isabelle/Dylan/Harry. Not bad. :p
  9. And it isn't $4000!
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  10. What about our merge gkits?
  11. Those weren’t purchased but rather given out to help people who bought kits on Mcprison/Skyblocky/Candycraft 2.0 transition into Candycraft in the merge. Merge gkits don’t transfer.
  12. Yes.
  13. Across the whole network of one server
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