Looking for hot singles in your area?

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  1. Looking for hot singles in your local skyblock? Well, you're in luck because I'm here! Be my sugar daddy by paying for everything I want. You can apply with the format below:

    Current Balance on skyblocky:
    Why you want to be my sugar daddy/mommy:
    Why you are the best sugar daddy/mommy:

    Goodluck to the applicants
  2. @TJeye played Cupid for me in the past

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  3. This is Making me worry, why do you care about balance GOLD DIGGER love is about feeling and communication.

    Im just being like doctor phil.
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  4. My thread syas looking for a sugardaddy/mommy smh do u even read + tinder is just secks then no more talking so imdoing gr8
  5. Excuse me I found multiple men that would have loved to date you between the ages of 6-35!
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  6. I. Hate. You.
  7. Agreed
  8. Why tf is no one applying im disappointed in you all
  9. You know who doesn’t hate you? Jaxk.
  10. who
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  11. Hxavens a hot single
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  12. Ew
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  13. You're ew
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  14. Im an excellent women ty
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  15. no ur not. you have internet crushs
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  16. Damn human you have won this time .
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  17. i never lose my dude
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  18. Btw you still staff?
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  19. yes totally
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