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Discussion in 'Denied' started by luke432cool, Apr 21, 2019.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's

    Your Age

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    Luke432cool #5017

    Time on the Server
    8 Days 14 Hours 7 Minutes

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    Sydney +10:00

    How often are you online?
    i have been online everyday since i found the server and its weird how it says iv only been online for 8 days iv been playing the server for weeks.
    I am available from 7 in the morning to 12 at night every day.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    I think being a helper involves help people out with building and reporting bugs and be there for when the server need you talk to the owner about new ideas that the server has come up with and just all round play and have fun with the online people and make there day better and hopefully make them happier in real life.

    What are your qualifications?
    i think i would be a grate helper because i want to help people out i have just loved doing that and i hate seeing people sad so i will go with out for some to be happy i m very kind i will never back down with a problem i don't just leave it to another person to fix i try my hardest to help them or fix the issue.

    Additional Information
    its been my dream to help people for a living and this would be a grate start and i hope i really get to be helper because that really would make me happy and i just love your server its so good <3
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  2. -1
    Your application isn't detailed but the only thing I can be sure about is that you are active and are willing too help the community try too get it more, and try to get more active on forums since this is your first post.
  3. I'm going to give you a -1 because of the reasons below:
    • Your application is not very detailed
    • You only made your forums account to make a staff application
    • Many grammatical errors
  4. Thank you for all your responses and next time ill try alot harder and hopefully get it because i wont get it this time :(
  5. not with that mindset
  6. Im gonna have to agree with CatMouseCheese on this one. -1
  7. -1
    Hey Luke,
    Your application isn't that detailed and there are many grammar mistakes. You just recently joined the forums and are currently not a member of the Skyblocky Discord. You can join here. Try being more active and not just in-game but here on Discord and forums especially. You will be using forums a lot as a staff member. Good luck, Arl.
  8. I agree with cat here as well. -1
  9. -1 not a lot of detail and grammatical errors.
  10. -1 for the following reasons above
  11. Hey @luke432cool
    I am going to give your application a -1 for the following reasons
    • Your application is short and lacks a ton of detail.
    • A few grammar issues
    • You are not active on forums (Which I can understand)
    • I do not see you on discord
    I do like your timezone however. I think that with a little more work we could really use you on the team.
    Best of luck this time around.
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  12. Sadly, I agree with the rest. Your application isn't the best of the world and I know that not everyone does have the right qualities to apply but if you want to be a staffmember, you will need a detailed apply to explain, why you're the person that needs to be accepted as Helper.
    I vote -1 :(
  13. tryhard
  14. Hello,
    Thank you for submitting an application but I will have to deny it for the reasons below:
    • Your application is not very detailed
    • You only made your forums account to make a staff application
    • Many grammatical errors
    Application Denied
    Locked & Archived
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