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    In Game Name

    Previous IGN's

    Your Age
    I'm 17

    Skype Username
    Removed at owner's request.

    Time on the Server
    Unsure, Rebranded, but sense the rebrand I’ve played on the server a lot (1,900 min.) so far. *I do not afk on my main account*

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    Eastern Standard Time (EST)

    Your Home Gamemode

    How often are you online?
    I'm usually online 4-8 Hours a day. It varies if I have appointments, school projects, exc.

    • Sunday- On and off between 10:00am to 3:00 am

    • Monday- 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    • Tuesday- 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    • Wednesday 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    • Thursday- 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    • Friday- 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    • Saturday- On and off between 10:00am to 3:00 am
    *I won't be on long for Christmas Eve or ThanksGiving if I decide to go to my family gathering*

    *I can be on if im needed at any point except for when i’m at school which is 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday-Friday*

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    Being a Helper in my mind involves:

    • Always caring about the players of the server. Even if they’re not kind

    • Being considerate of the person's actions and their willingness to change based upon those actions

    • Not being Bias when it comes to settling an argument between players or punishing players

    • Being mature even in the most immature of conversations

    • Being able to learn from your mistakes

    • Knowing when to admit when you’re wrong

    • Being part of a community as a whole (Communicating with others)

    • Patience when helping people

    • Being responsible

    What are your qualifications?
    During the 7 years or so I’ve been playing minecraft, I’ve picked up on what defines a good staff member. I’m a person that doesn't take rules lightly, I belive rules are made for a reason and if you disobey the rules you should see the consequence though. To go along with believing in the rules I also have a compassionate understanding attitude when it comes to people disobeying some rules. I consider myself to be a mature person with a fun attitude when it comes down to relaxing periods of time. As well as with my experiences with being staff on the old skyblocky *Demoted* (Desert District) and me being staff on another server that shut down a while back, I believe that I fall under most of the attributes that I’ve listed above and would love to be apart of the skyblocky staff team once more.

    Additional Information
    Some information that I would see suit to share with you is the reason I got demoted as well as some other information I see crutal:

    • I was demoted for sharing my account and I would like to explain that a little. *I do not want this to sound like an excuse in any way shape or forum* When I was staff, I had a “friend” that sent me this website and I was gullible enough to click on said website and input my account information. After I input my account information my “friend” got on my account and stole everything having to do with spawners on my island. After I complained to staff about it there was nothing they could do (Understandable). Not to long after this incident had happened, I got demoted once they realized my account has been compromised. I have sense learned from this experience when it comes to trust websites with my account information and would like another shot at being staff on this server.

    • It's been close to a year since I’ve been proactive in Minecraft. I’ve been playing a game called “Smite” which doesn't really have a chat system like minecraft because its not a progressive game, more of a play a game then restart in another game. So my chat skills are a little bit rusty. Hope you can be a little patent when it comes to getting used to being proactive in chat again. *This does not apply to voice chat, I can be very talkative in voice*

    • I had another forums account, but I’ve forgot the information so I synced my account to a new forums account and plan on being very active on the forums.

    Thanks For Reading My Application, Feedback Would Be Appreciated
  2. Greetings @MaxStrategy,

    Since you meet the requirements, I'll be giving you my personal opinion about your application.

    Some questions in your application contain very little detail, let's take 'What do you think a Helper involves?' as an example. You list off what you believe the role involves in bullet points, which is normally used in in-formal writing and to make writing seem longer, when it really isn't. I believe your main points are awesome, you should just elaborate on them as much as you can, so we can get a better comprehension of what you really believe the role involves.

    Also, it doesn't seem like the application was revised much. There are many missed grammatical errors, which could've easily been found via re-checking your application or even using a grammar checker. Although they won't always affect your chances greatly, having a well-written application shows maturity and professionalism within the applicant. Here are a few examples;


    One thing I would like to point out, your main focus seems to be on punishing others. As a staff member, punishments are always used as a last resort, handing out punishments left-and-right isn't the ideal goal.

    You haven't played any chat-based games in a while and since you claim you are "rusty", it could be a bit of an issue. In a future staff member, it is better for us to already see them constantly involving themselves throughout the community. In the case of needing to calm down chat, resolving an issue or punishing another, you'll need to do it at a quick pace.

    You said that you had a forum account before this; you could've always ask the manager to gain access back to the account. It's fine though, mind tagging us your old account?

    However, i'm going to end this review on a more positive note. You do not currently have any punishments, which most probably means you fully understand the conduct. (it might also be because you might not be active in chat, I've never personally met you in-game before). Also, you have staff experience on the old Skyblocky, which I find is sometime major that makes you stand out from most other applicants.

    I feel like you would be a good candidate in the near future, just now as of now. I wish you the best of luck!
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  3. Thanks for your review, its very appreciated, I should have clarified when I said rusty I ment being active, my typing speed is about 54-72wmp and pritty accurate. For my grammatical errors writing isnt my strong suit and I've went over it 6+ times and once I posted it I found errors. For my account it was on the old skyblocky forums which was most likly reset. I didnt play candy craft, didnt appeal to me. Thanks again for the feed back and I'll try to work on my weaknesses :)
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  4. The Skyblocky forums data was replaced with the Candycraft data. Also, I'm glad you provided some clarification, and that you recognize your weaknesses; this shows extreme maturity. Once again, good luck!
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  5. I will rate this application a Nutreal beacause have good time on the server (since it just revamped)
    2.You have some points in your application where there is little to no detail
  6. Hello I am +0ing this application because I don't really see you helping out in chat a ton. You do have minor spelling and grammar errors, and you appear new to the forums. Everything else the wonderful @24N mentioned

    You would be a good candidate but I don't think you would be as of now.
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  7. Haven't seen you in chat
  8. Eh never seen you in-game or in chat like @Jok3rr_ said. -1
  9. I’m going to point some things out before fully rating your application,

    This is quite impressive since when you wrote this the server was out for only three full days.
    Experience on the server is always amazing, especially because you mentioned your past demotion, it shows how you have matured greatly.

    Other than that you used a bullet point writing style throughout the application, which isn’t the most formal thing for a staff application as @24N stated above. You aren’t active on the forums either, but since we just rebranded and the Skyblocky playerbase has just returned I don’t think that’s too much of an issue as of right now. Another thing I feel you could work on is helping out in chat. I know you are online very frequently, however you rarely talk in chat which could be improved on I feel. I do feel your ready for the staff position at this time, especially because we are in need of staff at the moment.

    Good Luck.
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  10. Back at it again I see
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  11. I know I havent been active in chat a lot, and I've been trying to be more active. Thanks for at least reading my appication, a lot of the feedblack I get helps me a ton, even if it is minor like saying I dont talk in chat a lot @SMRGLFUR and @Jok3rr_ . Also thanks @TJeye for giving me the "matured" complement.

  12. So recently, I have seen you online a decent amount, and I do find you helpful in game. I have decided to change my rating to a +1.

    Best of Luck!
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  13. My rating is going to be a -1

    I have never seen you in-game.
  14. Timezones maybe? Lol
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  15. Greetings,

    Since you meet the minimum requirements, I will be giving my personal review.

    • Your time on the server is great and is surprising considered the time the server has been out.
    • You're very kind and helpful in game.
    • You acknowledged your past demotion and used it as a way of demonstrating growth. .
    • Considering you were staff on Skyblocky 1.0 that gives you an advantage and makes you stand out from other applicants.
    • You have no punishments - this shows that you understand the conduct which is helpful.


    • You don't seem active in chat, but when I have seen you active, you are helpful. This can be improved on though : )
    • You don't seem super active on forums, but like TJ mentioned, it's not a big deal as we just re-branded.
    • A few spelling and grammar errors, but they are very minimal.

    Overall, my rating is a +1 you have experiences, you're very mature, no punishments, and many other qualities that have been mentioned by other staff members. I do personally feel that you would be a great addition to the staff team. Good luck on your application.
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  16. Thank you, I've been working on being active in chat and I will continue to work on it. :)
  17. +1
    Just been watching you helping out in-game. Seem like a nice guy, very welcoming polite. I think you'd make a great staff member!
    Good luck!
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  18. hello @MaxStrategy, I will give your application a +1 for the following reason(s):
    • In the past days, you have been active a lot
    • I see you helping out in chat a lot
    • Your /ontime is good because you stated that you are not AFK and it is still very high
    • I can see that you are trying to work on your forum stats which also shows me that you really want this position
    However, this is just my personal opinion. I wish you the best of luck!
    ~ Mel
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  19. Greetings.

    When staff on Skyblocky 2.0, you acted with maturity & kindness, and met all requirements necessary until your demotion. I will trust that you've learned your lesson about sharing accounts and will welcome you back to the team.

    Application accepted.
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