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  1. MelinSky.png
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  2. 11/10 Amazing drawing xD! Love it :D!
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  3. Very xD
  4. That is a beautiful picture of Melly. So much detail, just wow. it's so fabulous, it's blinding to the eye.
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  5. smh not as good as my gif
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  6. 12/10 would hire to be my personal artist.
  7. [​IMG]
    Ski mask gives this one a thumbs up
  8. Would be better if it showed him rolling a backwood
  9. damn u rite
  10. TYSM
    I did it on purpose but hopefully u can still see it..
    It is you are just a bunch of SMRGLFUR so no brains jk xD ILY
    Discord me xD
    Isn't that just me?!
    Hmm yes...
    IKR, Good gramatica
  11. 11/10+ I want one pls thank you
  12. u wanna fite m8???
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    In 2 weeks or shorter

    and i said jk wheehehehehehe :..I foolish nerd... again jk.. >:eek:

    I need to... cry now.. noo!!! i need to learn kongfu! Mehehehehehe

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  14. @24N can you merge th me two posts?
  15. @MagisticalGamer please refrain from double-posting.

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  16. mel in the skyyy keeps on turning ( og if you get my pun/reference )
    Nice artwork, 10/10 I would buy for 1 million dollars c;
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  17. Make it 2m in game
  18. Make it third party tradin :p
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