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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Mightylordx, May 22, 2019.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's

    Your Age

    What is your Discord username and tag?

    Time on the Server
    4 Hours 29 Minutes

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone

    How often are you online?
    As of writing this staff application these are the times that I am available:
    • Weekdays: 10pm → 3am
    • Saturday: 3pm → 3am
    • Sunday: 1pm → 2am
    However, once my exams are over I will be available at any given time.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    When you are chosen to be a helper for a community, there are many responsibilities that are delegated to that staff member. These range from being friendly to all internal and external users, being devoted to the tasks that you have been entrusted to do, being knowledgeable about the different situations that can arise during the period that you are online and being mature at any given time as staff members are representing a server.

    As this server is catered towards all ages there might be times where dealing with specific situations can become highly stressful. In these situations helpers should always remain calm and determine what the best outcome should be. This responsibly should also be applied to all staff positions not just helpers. I would consider this to be the vital responsibility as making erroneous decisions can lead to additional complications.

    In addition, helpers should also be required to memorise the basic commands that they will have access to. The main commands that a helper should know are: /hist, /warn and /tempmute. From my previous experience on Serayne's servers these are the main three commands that I believe a helper should be able to execute without hesitation. Furthermore, when carrying out a punishment helpers should be required to gather the valid proof of the punishment they have given. For example, uploading videos to sites such as YouTube or Vimeo and uploading screenshots to an image hosting website such as Imgur or ImgBB.

    Another responsibility that I believe helpers should have is the ability to carry out rational decisions depending on the situations that are presented to them. An example of this is that when someone is flooding the chat, instead of muting the user for x amount of time instantly, the staff member should be able to check their history and determine what action is required.

    The final responsibility that I believe helpers should possess is the ability to confess to any mistakes they have made. This can also improve the staff members ability if they are able to learn from their mistake, which in return provides evidence to senior staff that x staff member has the right attitude.

    What are your qualifications?
    Ever since I have started to play Minecraft, I have been a staff member on a wide variety of servers. The positions have ranged from trial on small vanilla server to obtaining OP on a moderately sized modded minecraft server. However, the most notable and relevant experience would be becoming a Sr.Mod on Arkham Network and an Admin with OP on MC-Legends. On top of this I have previously been staff on Candycraft / Skyblocky but left due to health issues. By having this experience I believe readjusting myself to be a part of the staff team should be an easy task.

    From my time as a staff member on the previous servers, I have learnt an extensive amount of knowledge about how to staff servers. One major example is learning from my past mistakes. As everyone is bound to make errors during their life, you need to learn from those errors and apply them to future situations.

    In summary I believe that I can benefit the staff team as I am kind person to talk to while still maintaining the maturity required. Furthermore, if I don't have the required answer I will actively search for one instead of leaving the question unanswered.

    Additional Information
    I am currently in my last year of college studying Maths, Computer Science and IT. As of writing this staff application I am taking my final exams. This is the main reason why my playtime is low compared to what is needed. However, I aim to increase this number after I have finished my exams.

    Thank you for reading my staff application, any feedback is appreciated.
    Finally, good luck to those applying for positions and see you soon.
  2. This isn't based on anything other than my personal opinion of you so legit don't take this seriously.
  3. Can you explain what "experience" made you say that?
  5. I am going to give you a +1 on your application for the following reasons:

    • Your on-time is very low but I understand that you have exams as I do too.
    • Your application is detailed and well written.
    • You have lots of experience
    My only complaint is I do not see you online very much but i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt at the moment as you do have exams.

    Good Luck on your exams and your staff application :D
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  6. Thank cat I'll try my best when exams are over!
  7. I will vote a +1 because of the following reasons.
    • You have previous experience on Skyblocky so you know the responsibilities as being a Staffmember at Skyblocky.
    • This application is very well-written.
    • I see you sometimes online and then you're friendly.

    I hope that I will see you as a Staffmember on Skyblocky.
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  8. Thanks for the rating I appreciate it :)
  9. I agree with catmousecheese, in contribution:
    - I believe that you know what it means to be a 'Helper' on Skyblocky
    - You are a pleasure to have in chat

    For these reasons alone I am ecstatic on giving you a +1!

    Personal Note:
    I suggest that you work on your ontime when possible! A Pleasure to read your application :)
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  10. +1 for what these two said
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  11. Hello, before I fully rate your application I'm going to point some things out,

    C'mon Adam this is the second time you've applied with like 2 minutes online. Like the first time I will point out that this is a big no no, but never-less I feel you are familiar enough with the community.
    You seem to be familiar with the conduct helpers must follow, which is always a plus.
    As always, this puts you above the other applicants.

    Other than that, you're not very active on the forums as of now, but when you were a staff member before you were decently active. I trust that if you rejoin the team you will go back to this standard. I feel you're the best candidate for the staff team as of now, and I think you are ready to rejoin the team.

    Best of Luck.
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  12. I could not agree with this anymore. +1
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  13. All seriousness though, I am sure you would be a fantastic staff member. +1
  14. I agree fully definitely think you would be able to come back into the swing of things again +1!
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  15. I 100% agree with this, and I hope to see you on the staff team soon! +1
  16. +1 no explanation needed, good luck with your exams :)
  17. Thanks everyone for the feedback on my application as promised though once my exams are over I will try to increase my overall activity on both forums, discord and in-game.
  18. I am also going to +1 your application because of what everyone has said above and also because I have staffed with you before and talked with you as well. Good luck!!
  19. As recommended by plenty of others, get that ontime up! However based off of all the other staff members inputs and your application itself I'll give you a solid +1. Goodluck on your application.
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