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  1. Hi my IGN:Cake99778 i am muted for harresment (3D) I am doing this appeal because i think that i never did nothing against the rules never disrespect someone or sweared he did the same for me!.

    My fav song is:
    Shape of you
    My fav movie is:
    The new avengers infinity war
    My fav pet is:
    My fav helper is:
    zebra aka best helper
    My fav admin is:
    My fav player is:
    My mom name is:
    My dad name is:
    My son name is:
    My 2 daughters name is:
    Unmute me thanks
  2. Please use the format below. Thanks.

    In Game Name:
    Date of Initial Punishment:
    Number/Type of Previous Punishments:
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?:
    Reason of punishment:
    Why should your appeal be accepted?

  3. In game name:cake99778
    by:caype duration:3D
    I dont think it was an harrasment i just fought with someone in chat never disrespect him and never sweard him never beed racist or anything.
  4. Thank you @Cake997788 for using the format.

    You were muted by Caype for 3 days for Harassment. No evidence is required from a SrModerator for a mute. This is quite a serious offence, and you do not seem apologetic whatsoever and lacks in reasoning. You have a colourful history which can be seen here, and are obviously not used to following our Network Conduct. Taking this into consideration, you will remain muted and the punishment will stay on your history.

    In the mean time, be sure to make yourself aware of the server rules found here.

    Please do not re-appeal this mute.

    Appeal Denied.

    Thread Locked.
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