My first Skyblocky video!

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Iron_Kevin, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. The best gaming experience: Skyblocky #1

  2. Hello kevin,

    I am going to offer you some suggestions, as this video was painful to watch.

    1. HAVE SOUND. Sound is 50% of a production, and without it, it gets super boring. I would recommend either turning on game sounds for the video or going online and finding some royalty-free music to include in the video so that it isn't as painful to watch as this one.
    2. Buy a mic if you don't already have one, and use it. Nobody wants to sit around and watch you type out what you are saying in chat. A microphone makes it easier for both you and the viewers, and makes it easier to watch.
    3. Don't use bandicam. The watermark looks weird. I would recommend OBS Studios for recording, as that is what I use. Also, edits and funny use of titles is a good thing to include in the video, as it lightens the mood and makes it flow better.
    4. Record actual gameplay. This isn't gameplay, it's 7 minutes of you walking around, placing emeralds, and destroying a stone pillar. You can record yourself doing lots of things, and you chose to record this. It was frankly, really boring, and not that fun to watch.
    All in all, you spent at least 2 of the 7 minutes in this video typing to the viewers. Use a mic. It helps. Find a better recording software, too. OBS Studios is great, and it's free. Record actual content. Tbh, all of the stuff your recorded in this video is stuff most people would cut out of the video as it isn't entertaining to watch. If you plan on making real videos here, I would recommend hosting contests, and interacting with the community. Make the server seem like a fun place to play, and give your videos an actual topic that it is centered around, and not just ''The best gaming experience."
  3. imagine flexing 100messages in ur signature lmao i agree with chip
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  4. I have a microphone but it sucks so I thought: High-quality microphone or no microphone but it is the wrong way.
    Thanks for your suggestions to be a good youtuber because this is my first video.
  5. Agreed.

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