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  1. For whom of those who remember me I am ImAHotPanda!

    I've been playing skyblocky for around 2 years. I've came across many people that I generally enjoy playing with and being around when within the server community. But over the past 2 years I've done some stupid stuff. I'm writing this not only to wish for you're deepest apologies, but to say that I've changed over the course of this year. I learned not to do some stupid stuff and to take and respect everyone with the same amount of respect I want to be shown.

    My history on the server won't and will never be the best but this reset I'm here to prove that I've changed. I'm going to be taking part in this season and my goal is not to get any punishments within the season. I want things to be different from how they use to be back in the May reset. I was rude, disrespectful and much more.

    I've applied for helper many times and have been denied due to my past. I'm looked upon because of that and would wish to have a fresh start to everyone. I want something new to those who may be new and old to the server. I'm going to try my absolute hardest to help as much as I can.

    As you can see my history isn't the best -
    This is going to change this reset. I promise.

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  2. hmmmmm :thoink:
  3. What's this suppose to mean?
    I'm confused
  4. Agreed. :eek:megathoink:
  5. hmmm :th ic c thoink:
  6. yes
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  7. Its Good To See You Change Your Ways And Become A Better Person!
    Tomsmal/Jesus Christ
  8. Alright Lets Capitalize Every Word This Is So Fun!
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