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    This command will be used to report players that are breaking the rules. Please remember to supply sufficient proof.
    /report <player> <reason>

    This command can be used to make your issue aware to all staff members instead of only letting a single person know your issue via private messages. This will also ensure that somebody who is able to fix your problem is made aware of it without anything getting lost in translation.



    Misuse of this command will result in you being punished.

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  2. Sounds litty
  3. *new rule abusing /report results in _____*
  4. Dylan actually did this. Nice
  5. Of course I'm used as the example
  6. The announcement now states that you will be punished.
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  7. Cool addition
  8. how useful.
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  9. Please please PLEAASSEEE when you guys make reports either link the proof in your report or let us know to message you for the proof so we can deal with the problem at hand as soon as possible!
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