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  1. should I get some of the og's back from Skyblocky (When Sciatis owned) and actually play?

    btw if you remember me its ImBlakeIRL or Alarminq from Skyblocky
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  2. Wow, haha just randomly got bored and decided to check on how this server is, id come back if others did too
  3. I still play skyblocky. Your name doesn't ring a bell but I did play back then quite a lot.
  4. I remember you being staff but you weren't really OG back then I remember you being on and stuff but you didn't talk in chat really.
  5. I'm not OG. I'm living under a stone instead :)
  6. I remember you from old skyblocky. You played Peaks right? Do you remember me?
  7. I remember u ur og
  8. lma() yeah, i played back then
  9. I played every planet but Peaks was my main one.
  10. I joined in Early April 2019... I'm kinda late on Skyblocky.
  11. anyone remember castr ? (max) or starbucksfrapp (Revamping)
  12. yeah sadly this mans never played tropics ecks dee
  13. Kinda surprising that this server is still online after 3 years.
  14. Aye I remember those names, idk if i'm classified as an OG but I did play back then.
  15. how about former admin gang? OG enough for ya?
  16. Perhaps

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