Pigu58's Punishment Appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by Pigu58, Jun 10, 2019.


Should we accept this ban appeal?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    Your Minecraft Username Pigu58

    Enter the date and reason of your punishment. Jun 9, 2019

    Why should you be unbanned / unmuted? I didnt know looking for a thing to click for me was hacking because clicking is something anyone can do. I wont do it again and it is my fault I didn't see any warning because I was probably afk.
  2. Hello @Pigu58 any afk clicking of any sorts is not allowed, we recommend that you don't "prop" or "use" something to auto click for you seeing as we cannot tell if you are "Afk Mining or Auto clicking/Using hacked clients". However this is your first offense so I've decided to shorten your ban to 7 days in hopes you learn from this.

    Appeal Accepted.
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