Punishment Appeal Template & Guidelines - 7/20/17

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    In the event that you are punished for breaking a rule, you may appeal here.

    Basic Guidelines:
    - When appealing, make sure to be civil, to use understandable language, and to put effort into your appeal.

    - Be honest. Lying and not owning up to your actions will decrease the chances of your appeal being accepted.

    - Never ban evade.
    Ban evading is logging onto an alternate account whilst your main / other alt account is banned. When you are caught, all accounts that evaded will be banned for 30 days. Note that if your main is permanently banned, your alts will be permanently banned as well.​

    - If you feel a staff member punished you falsely, please speak to an administrator.

    - You may not make an appeal for another player.

    - If you were blacklisted, you may appeal six months after your blacklist

    - Try contacting a staff member via the forums or Discord if you are confused about your punishment or any of these guidelines.

    In Game Name:
    Date of Initial Punishment:
    Number/Type of Previous Punishments:
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?:
    Reason of punishment:
    Why should your appeal be accepted?

    Note: Any appeal without this format will be instantly denied.

    If you need further help or have questions, feel free to message a staff member!
    Best of luck with your appeal!
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