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  1. In Game Name: daviddrodrigues
    Date of Initial Punishment: 15-04-18
    Number/Type of Previous Punishments: 0
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?: kkattx banned me for 15 day but
    Hackedninja13 did overide that while i was banned
    Reason of punishment: Macro
    Why should your appeal be accepted? I did not know that, i have a razor keyboard and i did not know that i cant use it and macro is banneable i did not know i promissed
  2. Basicaly my keyboard was build-in macro.. that was what im trying to say
  3. This ban has been expired, as you have evaded your ban, it over rides it. Please dont reappeal this ban.
  4. Ban has been overridden. Appeal denied.
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