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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Evergreen, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. can't wait!!
  2. Super excited :D Can't wait to see what the economy is going to end up being like!
  3. I'm considering adding them back in an update, but not on release.
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  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. Thanks for the hard work put into to this ever, can't wait to play the next update! :)
  6. Looks great, can't wait :p
  7. Okay, thank you for the reply / update.

    Will there still be a second currency and will you be able to buy spawners with it? And will voting be the only way to obtain them?
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  8. Ooh I'm so excited! Cannot wait! :D
  9. Voting and the top two crates will have villager spawners. If it becomes absolutely necessary, we may add a second currency.
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  10. Yes this is very nice I do approve.
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  11. Very excited!
  12. Hey, that's cool! :D My friend wants to know if her ontime will be reset (which I think it will be but I'm just checking)
    Thanks so much, by the way~ don't mind me being all excited here haha :p
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  13. With a new reset the online time usually resets as it is a completely new Skyblock realm.

    I wanted to add onto this question, does the current Skyblock turn into legacy or is it going to be completely deleted?
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  14. Yes, on-time will be reset. Glad you're excited! :D

    It will, unfortunately, be deleted (as far as I know.) The economy is unstable and currently has a peak of 50 or so players, which really isn't enough to keep it a legacy as this number will drop substantially when we reset.
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  15. I prefer it this way anyways as the player count will be higher on the Skyblock realm and will not be split up. It increases the competitive feel to Skyblock. Thank you for replying to my question(s). :)
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  16. Sounds very good, I plan on being back on Minecraft by the time the server gets reset, but maybe not for a few days after. I can't wait to come back to see the new realm!
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  17. I know I was one of the top voters last month... when and how do I get my voucher?
  18. End of March or the month that just went by? The top voters for the end of April have been given their vouchers according to what Ever said below. The winners for March were:
    First Place - $50 Voucher
    _Word_ - 236 Votes
    Second Place - $40 Voucher
    IronBlitz01 - 225 Votes
    Third Place - $30 Voucher
    Lorrees - 198 Votes

  19. Ofc Beef is talking about this month.
    And Ever has not given out the vote vouchers yet.
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