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  1. Well they said 1st of May. My apologies. :)
  2. Vouchers have been distributed. Sorry for the wait.
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  3. if the eco is like the Arkham skyblock1 where every one is hand building huge cactus farms then it will be tough.
  4. Currently before this reset the eco was based on Arkham, I think this is a different eco which would be much better!
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  5. I've created the eco with no knowledge of Arkham ones.
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  6. I like that it is going to be unique and not a replica of another server. Thank you for spending your time on this, Ever.
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    Wait does this mean that the inventories of the player [pvs and ec] and what we purchased in the store, such as iron golem spawners, is to rest as well?
  8. Anything that you have purchased that you can use in game, such as money, will be resetting. Other perks such as SkySell will not.
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  9. ok I bought a mvp+ and I did not get it
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  10. Possibly in a month. :)
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  11. sure
  12. You know what my favorite movie was as a kid? Appy feet.
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  13. I think it is happy feet.
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  15. It's too late for him.
    Give up.
  16. why must we reset the islands people work very hard on these thing to get to where they are just because new people come in doesn't mean the things being reset need to. I am not comfortable with these resets I've worked hard on my island I don't know about everyone else but I know a lot more than just me have been working hard on their islands, it just wastes people time. Please consider this before resetting island. Thanks Shep :p
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