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Discussion in 'Denied' started by rqman, May 17, 2018.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    LEROMANJAMES ununique

    Your Age
    13 (8th july 2004)

    What is your Skype username, and your Discord username and tag?
    discord: rqman#5479 | skype: contact if accepted!

    Time on the Server

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    BST | england, uk time

    How often are you online?
    I Go Online To Skyblocky From Anywhere To 4AM To 11PM On Weekends And 4PM - 9PM On Weekdays (All Times In BST) Average AFK Time: 1 Hour - 4 Hours A Day.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    To Me, Becoming A Helper Means To Be An Example Of A Minecraft Servers Staff; By Showing Commands, Answering Questions & Reporting Problems When Other Staff Aren't Online. All Staff Members Are There To Create A Safe And Fun Environment That Can Continue Through Future Resets And/Or Rebrands.

    What are your qualifications?
    If I Become Few With The Skyblocky Helper Role I WIll Be There To Help Out All Players And The Problems That They May Come Across.
    I Am Regularly On Discord And Once Large Issues That Are Out Of My Control Accure I Will Immediately Put Screenshots And Reports On The Staff Channel. As A Player That Isn't In The USA I Play Different Hours To Others So Will Be There Even While Most Players Aren't, Just To Make Sure The Server Is Still As Amazing As It Should.

    Additional Information
    As Of The Times Through-Out The Week That I Play Skyblocky, I Get Along With All Players And Always Answer Questions In Chat When They Are Asked. Most Current Staff Members Will Know Me And I Believe My Level Is High-Ish. I Purchase Many Items On buy.skyblocky.com As I Belive It Is A Great Server And Hope For The Future Player Count To Be The Same Or Even Higher Than Arkham. Just This Week I Have Brought 3 Items Of Almost $50 And Have In The Past. Lastly I Been Playing On The Server Since The Middle On CandyCraft,Though I Played Prison Mostly I Was Just As Active And Know How Much The Server/Network Has Grown. Ty For Reading And Remember That I Will Be Online So Don't Hesitate To Contact Me If I Am Accepted <3
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    I was about to say that I never see you online and then I noticed you live in England, lol. I recommend you take a look at your qualifications response and add some personal features, such as if you are patient, kind, calm... whatever. Other than that I have nothing to judge you off of other than the fact that you seem like a sweet person. Also, get those messages up! Its best to apply after you've been on forums for a while.

    Goodluck :3.
  3. are you drunk
  4. I thought it made sense *If I Became One Of The Few Players With The Helper Role*
  5. 4 is a few for a 80 playerbase? There are other staff
  6. i said few as a sense that the helper role is a privilege and hard to get/earn
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  7. Hello @rqman,

    Thanks for your application, however; I will have to deny it for the following reasons:

    • Your application is not very well written.
    • You are not active on the forums, only accumulating six posts.
    • You don’t seen to know what the helper rank involves.

    Please make sure to read this guide on how to write a detailed application that meets our standards.

    Application denied.
    You may re-apply in 15 days from this decision.
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