SavageSiblings' Punishment Appeal.

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by GurJas, May 12, 2019.

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  1. In Game Name: SavageSiblings
    Date of Initial Punishment: May 12, 2019.
    Number/Type of Previous Punishments:
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?: 666j666, 1 month (30 days).
    Reason for punishment: Exploiting.
    Why should your appeal be accepted?:

    I never intended to use this for Job experience, I was mining pumpkins and gold ore because it was giving me two per five blocks placed. I thought this was apart of the server, added into the new season (reset). I didn't think this was exploiting, as it is included in the server. I've also researched how McMMO works (McMMO Wiki), and for Miner, Herbalism, Excavation, and Wood-Cutting, there is an 100% chance (with a level above 1000) to get the double drop from the item you are mining. If I do appear to have the job activated/selected, I will happily get my job experience reset.
  2. Appeal Accepted - Ban shortened to 7 days.

    Even if you were doing this to get extra items via mcMMO, it's still exploiting. Please be mindful of the rules in the future: Rules
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