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What is your favorite season?

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Fall

  4. Winter

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  1. Hello guys! Currently in my place of living, it is turning slowly into spring. My school has 30 more school days left in it, and everyone is worrying about final grades. This got me to thinking. What is your guy's favorite season and why?

    My personal favorite season is fall. School is just starting and it's not to stressful. Halloween is at that time and me and my friends go out to a ton of parties around that time. I also like that time because I'm getting new people from my school.

    I hope you guys are having a great day!
  2. Spring + Summer
  3. Winter
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  4. Winter is cold and gross though ;-;
  5. Not in the state I live in.
  6. I never really thought of that, I guess in some places winter isn't really winter. Thats cool beans.
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  7. I like the part of winter when it snows and is beautiful but the part where the snow turns to slush is a big no no xD
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  8. I love me some good Autumn. Have me birthday in there (May 27)
  9. Doctor Who Season 4. A M A Z I N G
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  10. I love Winter : D. Walking in the snow ( if it even snows here :I ) is fun ;p.
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  11. Yes. Agreed.
    Also, Winter. All the way. Love me some cold air and warm snuggly blankets and coats.
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  12. Summer + Winter, they're contrast of each other and they have my favorite qualities. Summer has my birthday and it's the time to be in warm sunshine and chilled pools. Winter has the holidays and break; Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year so for this reason I love winter.
  13. Winter would be great if there was snow and all that but where I live, winters are just cold winds and rain. I'd probably go with summer / fall though. ;)
  14. Fall!!!! Since its the best I feel less work more sleep and going camping its just so fun!!
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