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  2. Update: 7/29
    • Exploiting permissions to get out of combat quickly (30d Temp Ban - w/out playerdata wipe)
    • Constant exploiting of permissions will result in a permanent ban
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    Update: 8/02

    Posting (unrelated / inappropriate) links:
    Posting links that are unrelated to CandyCraft or any other servers owned by Serayne92. Such as links to pornographic websites, other server forums or any other (inappropriate) websites will result in a permanent mute.

    /mute (Username) 6h Posting Inappropriate Links
    • 1st Offense: 6 Hour temporary mute
    • 2nd Offense: 1 Day temporary mute
    • 3rd Offense: 3 Day temporary mute
    • 4th Offense: Permanent mute

    First offense used to be a formal warning.
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  4. Update: 8/16

    Avoiding AFK Kick:
    Using afk machines to bypass the afk kick is no longer prohibited.
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  5. Update: 8/28

    Flying on a pet in PvP areas on Prison:
    Riding on a flying pet in the PvP zones is not allowed (for obvious reasons). This disturbs the balance of fair PvP for players. If staff find you doing this, you will be punished.

    /tempban (username) 1d Pet Flying in PvP
    • 1st Offense: 1 Day temporary ban
    • 2nd Offense: 3 Day temporary ban
    • 3rd Offense: 14 Day temporary ban
    • 4th Offense: Permanent ban
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  6. Update 8/31

    New rule:

    AFK Machines are not allowed on prison and will result in a 15 day ban. AFK machines are still allowed on skyblock and factions.
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    Removed Combat Logging Rule: Your punishment is that you lose your inventory (which should be punishment enough)

    Added to Spam Rule: NOTES: Saying GG after someone has purchased an item from our buycraft store is allowed, BUT you are still not allowed to spam chat multiple times. This WILL result in a mute.

    EDIT: Jumping into the Void on Skyblock PvP to avoid Dying WILL Result in punishment!
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  8. Update 9/6/17

    Void Jumping in PvP:
    If you are caught jumping into the void to avoid dying in PvP areas you will be punished.

    /ban (username) 1d Void Jumping
    • 1st Offense: 1 Day temporary ban
    • 2nd Offense: 3 Day temporary ban
    • 3rd Offense: 7 Day temporary ban
    • 4th Offense: 30 Day temporary ban

    Spam / Flood / Counting up or down / Usage of all capital letters:
    Changed rule to 3 or more short messages = spam. For example...

    [Member] qzs: Hey!
    [Member] qzs: .
    [Member] qzs: Hey!

    [Member] qzs: Hey who wants to buy my its in /ah come buy now!
    [Member] qzs: .
    [Member] qzs: Hey who wants to buy my its in /ah come buy now
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  9. Update:

    The twenty - four hour rule has been removed. Warns now expire after seven days, and mutes after thirty. Bans do not expire.

    This means that if you were warned for an offense in the past seven days, you will be muted if you repeat the offense. If you were banned for a specific offense, you will be banned for a longer duration (as listed on the punishment sequence) should you repeat the offense.
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  10. Update:

    Clarification of the rules on unfair usage of alternate accounts. This rule has been in existence for some time however was never officially added to the rules list or clarified.

    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts:
    Using any alternate account to your advantage in an event or to obtain more keys, higher prestige, etc is disallowed.
    /ban (Username) 30d Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts
    • 1st Offense: 30 Day temporary ban (In some situations player data will be wiped)
    • 2nd Offense: Permanent ban (In some situations player data will be wiped)
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  11. Update:

    Messaging a link to a Discord server, even in PM, is no longer allowed. Players may ONLY share Skype and Discord usernames in PM (used for communication). Everything else is Social Media Advertisement.

    Talking in guild / party chat is no longer mute evasion, unless the player was muted for cursing, disrespect, or harassment.
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  12. Update:

    Rules for disrespect, swearing, and inappropriate behavior have been changed to be more moderate.
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  13. Update:

    Rules have been completely revamped as seen here.
  14. Update:

    Three rules have been added, and "unfair usage of alternate accounts" has been updated:

    Encouraging Rule Breaking:
    [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Encouraging other players to break rules of any type.

    Inappropriate Nickname:
    [] Verbal Warning [] Force Removal & 1 Day Mute [] Force Removal & 7 Day Mute

    Having a nickname deemed inappropriate by staff members.

    Staff Impersonation:
    [] Warning [] 1 Day Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Impersonating a staff member with your IGN, mannerisms & behavior, or nickname.

    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts:
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using an alternate account to your advantage in order to obtain a higher level, more items, or any sort of benefit in the game. If you’re not sure whether a specific usage of an alternate account is allowed, ask a staff member.
    This also includes having 7 or more TOTAL ACCOUNTS online at one time.
  15. To clarify a point of confusion:

    Talking in any global chat while muted is considered mute evasion. Any private chat is fine.

    Global chat means a chat which can be seen by the whole server. This would include public chat, shout, and supershout. Private chat is any chat which is specific to only a few players: party, guild, /msg, /mail, etc.
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  16. 11.19.18

    Breaking rules such as disrespect or other high tier chat offenses in commands, like /mail or /msg, will result in a ban following the length of command spam punishments. However past offenses will be determined by past offenses based on the rule broken, not on command spam itself.
  17. 12.8.18

    Using alts, bots, or anything else to grind for pvp rank by not killing normal players results in a ban falling under the category of unfair usage of alternate accounts.
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