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Discussion in 'Denied' started by ShadowXRemember, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's

    Your Age

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    ShadowXRemember #4286

    Time on the Server
    1d 37m
    I've been a part of Skyblocky for 3-4 years.

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone

    How often are you online?
    Every day. 4-8 on weekdays and almost all day (6+ Hours) on weekends.
    This is not the case during my exams.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    A Helper is responsible for guiding new players and helping them out in the server, the Helper is responsible for making players(New or Old) aware of the rules of the server.

    He/she is also responsible for the moderation of the in-game chat as well as the posts on the forums.

    Being a Helper involves having to stand out to people and also become their role model, and also to guide them through their awesome journey in this server.

    Personally, being a Helper means having the responsibility of making players' overall experience better and also making their stay on the Server exceptional.

    What are your qualifications?
    I'm very good at handling situations in which a player may be going through some personal issues, I LOVE helping people out in general!

    I'm good at knowing when to take action and when to lay off or make an exception.

    I can help out players if they are having trouble in using a command, or a feature of the server or anything in the game.

    I DO NOT change my opinion on a person based on their actions outside of the game and I treat everyone as equal.

    I haven't been staff on many servers, just on a few small servers.

    I'm always aware of the rules of the server and make sure not to break them.
    I don't try to troll in the server chat as it just becomes more stressful for the staff members and makes their jobs harder.

    Additional Information
    I personally think that we don't have to be a staff member to help out players in our community. I think that it's our responsibilities as players to help each other out.

    If I see a rule breaker in-game, I always make sure to make them aware of which rule they are breaking.
    Helping is in my nature and I see everyone as equal(as mentioned above).

    I think that I can be of help to the staff team because I'm almost always paying attention to the chat rather than the game itself. I love interacting with my fellow players and helping them out, even in very simple tasks.
    In the end, I just love seeing people smile :)

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my application, this is all I'd like to say here.
  2. I will start this off with a classical @bearbee11 'no'
  3. awh man..
  4. just casually quotes bee and not me i c how it is
  5. I didn't wanna spam the thread maaaaaan. Sowwwwy
  6. just quote both in one post?
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    I'm going to give you a -1 because of the reasons below :

    • Your application is quite short
    • You don't have much on-time
    • Even though your forums account was made 2 years ago, it doesn't look like you are very active on the forums as you only have 13 messages.

    On a positive note though, when I used to talk to you back in the day you were very polite and very nice. It seems like you are still a very nice person and that is a trait a staff member needs.

    I wish you the best of luck with your application
  8. -1 your name was sexual predator in discord so that isn't what a staff member is or what this server needs.
  9. there was a staff member that had ''playing sex simulator II'' as their game all the time once.
  10. Another thing that proves my point, don't point fingers at others you did it and you have to handle it yourself.
  11. I changed it, that name happened because me and my friends were messing around with our online friends. Do keep in mind that all of that goofing around was outside of this community and is completely unrelated..
    However I do apologise for the name, it was there as a joke for some time.
  12. NO
    - Please try getting your ontime up.
    - Also you should probably extend on your application.
    All I got to say, thanks.
  13. Thanks, I'm working on it.
  14. I am going to rate your application with a -1 for the following reasons:
    - Your ontime is quite low
    - Your application could use some more detail
    - You should work on getting your forums activity up at least a little bit
  15. -1 because:
    • not a lot of description on what it truly means to be a Helper
    • Low on-time, try and work on increasing your hours in-game
  16. Since my rating doesn't matter in any way, +1 for the Shrek pfp.
  17. -1 because of that you have no detail. I recommend you to use more detail to make impact on the staffteam.
  18. Thanks, I'll work on it :)

    I'm trying to be as active as possible, I don't wanna just afk all day long and I actually interact with people while I'm online.

    Haha thanks

    Got it
  19. Hello @ShadowXRemember I am going to give your application a -1 for the following reasons:
    • I feel as if your application is very short and lacks detail. It is very spaced out, which is the only thing making your application look longer.
    • Ontime is a LITTLE low.
    I could see myself changing my rating on your application, you seem very sweet and I think you could be a good fit on the staff team. We will see how the next few weeks goes.

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