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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Simple_Noob, May 18, 2019.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's

    Your Age

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    Simple_Noob #9263

    Time on the Server
    14 Hours
    But I was very more time in the server.
    I don't know what happened
    In candycraft I almost stayed 8 hours without closing the computer
    And now it says that I have just 13 Hours

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    Greenwich time zone

    How often are you online?
    Im online very much time pretty 3-8 Hours a day just a problem, at sundays and mondays I'll be not able to play so much, just that days, the rest of the week, I'll be able play pretty much.

    That are the hours that I play: (in Greenwich timezone)

    Sunday - 11AM - 1PM, 3PM - 6PM, 9PM - 12PM
    Monday - 9PM - 11PM
    Tuesday - 4:30PM - 9:15PM
    Wednesday - 4:30PM - 9:15PM
    Thursday - 4:30PM - 9:15PM
    Friday - 4:30PM - 9:15PM
    Saturday - 9AM - 3PM, 4PM - 12PM

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    Being helper envolves very much things:

    A helper need to be seeing if everybody is folowing rules, or not breaking the rules for the server to be happy

    A helper needs to have respect for others, because if he does not have respect, this helper is not a helper

    A helper needs maturity to handle difficult or not situations and also need maturity to leave a mark on the server and good reputation of the server outside of minecraft too. The helper need to have good vocabulary, to talk certanly to the others.

    "Good Helper"
    A good helper also needs to be peacefull and not agitaded with the problems, needs have respect, (already mentioned) and capacity of interacting well with the community. And something that much players do (not me) is when someone has problems, the helper should help him and just not let pass or ignore the problema of that person.

    What are your qualifications?
    I thing I would be a very good helper, because I care about the people. I care about the problems of the others. And also, I started playing this server in 2016 or less, In CandyCraft. so I have been talked for a long time with helpers and with all that conversations I know how to be a helper. :)

    Additional Information
    I were already banned, 2 times:
    The first one is because I did AFK Mining, but it was in CandyCraft, when the spawners were on sale for M&Ms
    The second one was my friend the entered in my Island when I were banned. That put a more 30 days ban.
    Thanks for reading.

    I can't do /syncaccount because it says:


    It looked like your /syncaccount failed! Maybe this token is already used?

    Try running the command another time.
  2. I will stay neutral because of the following reasons.

    • Your application is well-written.
    • You only have 5 forum messages in 1.5 years. I'd recommend you to become more familiar with the forums before applying.
    • Your time-schedule is incorrect because if it is true then you joined 3 days ago.
    • You will need to sync your account as a staff member.

  3. No. You barely know how the server works.

  4. I change to a -1 because of the previous responses.

  5. Hi Simple_Noob, I am going to rate your application with a -1 for a few reasons:
    • There are a good amount of grammatical errors in your application
    • Your ontime section shows you don't quite know how the server works, as ontime resets with every server reset
    • You also have a quite low amount of ontime, leading me to believe you don't quite know the current playerbase of the server
    • I think you could add a bit more detail into what you think being a helper involves
    • This is not a time zone, the timezone in Greenwich is GMT +1, which is not a difficult thing to google
    • You qualifications section is quite short
    Best of luck with your application
  6. -1 because no 10/10 bad effort
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  7. I just want to start with:
    - This application is grammatically incorrect
    - Your ontime is low
    - I have never seen you talking in chat/or even on the server
    - Your ideas on being a helper are not backed and I find it repetitive


    For these reasons alone I am going to have to give you a -1!

    Personal Note:
    I suggest that you work on your spelling, as well as play on skyblocky more often, and being active in the chat :)
  8. I'm going to give this a -1 for the following reasons:
    • There is little to no effort with this application.
    • There are a substantial amount of grammatical mistakes.
    • I believe that you have waffled in your application.
    Nevertheless good luck with your application.
  9. Hello!
    I like to hold off on reading applications until I have seen you in game, and here is my input.
    • You are very sweet in game, it is a pleasure to talk to you in chat.
    • I do not think you enjoy the server very well just yet.
    • Your english is not the best. However, I will not hold that against you. As long as I can understand your point, then I am totally fine with it.
    • In your qualifications, you said that you should be helper because "you have been here a long time and so you know how to be helper." You can still talk to helpers and have NO idea how the server works. A ton of things that happen here are behind the scenes.
    In all, I am going to give you a -1 I do not think you are ready to be trial at this moment,
    Best of luck nonetheless.
  10. Hello,
    Thanks for your application, however; I will have to deny it for the following reasons:
    • There is little to no effort in making the application detailed enough.
    • You don't seem to know how being a helper really works and insist that just because you've been here a long time you should be accepted.
    • You're fairly new to the (current) server.
    • You aren't active on the forums.
    Please make sure to read this guide on how to write a detailed application that meets our standards.
    Application denied.
    You may re-apply in 15 days from this decision.
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