[Skyblock] Bug Report - Disappearing spawner

Discussion in 'Pending Bug Reports' started by Monjang, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Date of when you first experienced this bug
    Feb 11, 2018

    What server does this bug effect?

    How can we reproduce this bug? (Explain step by step)
    Well I placed my spawner on where grass, not a grass block but actual grass and it glitched

    Describe the bug and supply any additional information
    When I placed the spawner it disappeared and only the name tag is left, nothing is spawning nothing at all and you can place anything where the name tags. You can also walk through and push the invislbe block with pistons

    Supporting Documentation (Picture, Video, Screenshot)
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  2. Here I used my gkit to actually show you how this happens.
  3. Can you recreate the bug?
  4. Is this still occuring to you, even after relogging?
  5. Yes, and it seems the nametag of the spawners goes away after a while.
  6. Does it come back later to your inv?
  7. No, I doesn't come back.
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