[Skyblock] Bug Report - I can't place things or access things on my island!

Discussion in 'Fixed Bug Reports' started by Megladon, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Date of when you first experienced this bug
    Apr 12, 2018

    What server does this bug effect?

    How can we reproduce this bug? (Explain step by step)
    Do help me be able to place my blocks and things, and use my skysell on my is. (I am an island team-mate.)

    Describe the bug and supply any additional information
    I cannot use my skysell signs on my is, can't access my chests, and I cannot place blocks.

    Supporting Documentation (Picture, Video, Screenshot)
  2. Hello,

    Have you spoken with the owner of the islands about this issue? He may have kicked you off the island team.

    If not then try leaving the island and rejoining.
  3. Bug Fixed.

    Thread locked and archived.
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