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Discussion in 'Denied Bug Reports' started by IronBlitz01, May 6, 2018.

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  1. Your Minecraft Username

    Date of when you first experienced this bug
    May 3, 2018

    What server does this bug effect?

    How can we reproduce this bug? (Explain step by step)
    Step 1: Add someone to your /trusted list.
    Step 2: Remove that player from the list when they are offline.

    Describe the bug and supply any additional information
    Removing players which are online works perfectly, just offline players.

    Supporting Documentation (Picture, Video, Screenshot)
  2. Also, you can notice this bug was around before the reset.
  3. Hello.

    After testing this bug with other SkySell users, it was found that removing players from your /trusted works for both online and offline people; the only issue is the chat message that accompanies removing people who are offline. Because this is still technically a bug due to the chat message, it has been brought to the developers attention. Thanks for reporting!
  4. Oh ok.

    Also, you can see in my video, the list of players is repeated for some reason. It might have been just that instance because I just tested adding people and it wasn't duplicated.
  5. @y0dabr0, I figured out something else to add to this bug report.

    So whenever you remove someone from the trusted list, it only disappears from the list while you are online. When you relog, the list resets to before you removed players from the list.

    Another bug has to do with how the plugin saves the /trusted list. If you relog twice, the list doubles. This means their names show up twice. You can even relog three times to get it triple the amount of names it is supposed to be.

    Video proof:
  6. I guess this has been a long time in, luckily you posted the bug!
  7. Hello,

    After testing this bug (again), I can confirm that once you untrust a player and relog, the player will appear on your trusted list based off however many times you relog. While this bug doesn’t affect who can edit your island, it only affects that chat nevertheless. This bug will be brought to the attention of our developer along with the previously mentioned bug. Thank you for reporting!
  8. So you are saying that even if their names show up on the /trusted GUI, they can't use the skysell signs?
  9. They shouldn’t be able too based off what I tested. It seems to just be a glitch in the text of the /trusted GUI.
  10. Ok, cool
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