Skyblock Revamp & New Rank: CookieMonster!

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  1. Hello!
    Here's some great news for you all! Skyblock will be revamping, along with the release of the new rank, CookieMonster!

    Friday, November 17
    5:00 PM EST (10:00 PM UTC)

    - No Sale
    Candycraft's Highest Rank​

    This rank has:
    • CookieMonster Title
    • /ah limit of 12
    • Add up to 15 island members
    • 10% /shop sell multiplier
    • 10% /shop purchase discount
    • 10 Player Vaults (/pv)
    • Ability to marry another player (/marry)
    • Ability to throw away any inventory items (/trash)
    • Ability to open a workbench from anywhere (/workbench)
    • Ability to wear any item as a hat (/hat)
    • Ability to change your personal time (/ptime)
    • Ability to ask others to teleport to you (/tpahere)
    • Ability to have infinite nightvision (/nv, /nightvision, /bright)
    • Ability to set up to 10 homes (/sethome)
    • Ability to use withdraw money anywhere (/withdraw)
    • Ability to feed yourself via command (/feed) (Cooldown - 1 Minute)
    • Ability to heal yourself via command (/heal) (Cooldown - 5 Minutes)
    • Ability to gift other players items (/gift)
    • Ability to repair any item (/fix)
    • Ability to learn the recipe of any item (/recipe)
    • Ability to change the colors of your display name (/nickname)
    • Ability to access enderchest from anywhere (/enderchest)
    • Ability to shout to the entire server (/shout) (Cooldown - 3 Hours)
    • Ability to create Guilds (/guild)
    • Ability to clear all player vaults (/pvclear)
    • Ability to clear your enderchest (/enderclear)
    • Ability to set off a Firework at /spawn (/firework)
    • Ability to smelt items in your hand (/smelt)
    • Ability to open an anvil from anywhere (/anvil)
    • Ability to summon Candy! (/candy) (Cooldown - 7 Days)
    • Ability to link items in chat by saying [item]
    • Ability to use color codes on signs
    • Ability to use bold in titles
    • Ability to immediately regain full health when using /island
    • Access to use full redstone mechanics on your island
    • Ability to use full god mode (/god)
    • Access to the Donor Crate
    • Greatly improved voting rewards:
      • 10% Chance - 2x Candycane Crate Key
      • 20% Chance - 1x Candycane Crate Key
      • 70% Chance - 2x Lollipop Crate Key
    /kit CookieMonster: 24 Hour Cooldown

    • Diamond Armor: Protection 6, Unbreaking 6, Projectile Protection 6, Fire Protection 6
      • Boots: Feather Falling 5
      • Helmet: Respiration 5, Aqua Affinity 5
    • Diamond Sword: Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 6
    • Diamond Axe: Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6
    • Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6
    • Diamond Shovel: Efficiency 6, Unbreaking 6
    • 16x Enchanted Golden Apples

    /kit Donor: 1 Week Cooldown

    • 1x Donor Crate Key

    /kit God: 120 Hour Cooldown

    • 32x Diamond Blocks
    • 32x Emerald Blocks
    • 32x Enchanted Golden Apples
    • 3x Beacon

    /kit Chocolate: 2 Week Cooldown

    • 1x Iron Golem Spawner
    • 1x Villager Spawner
    • 2x Creeper Spawner
    • 2x Blaze Spawner

    /kitonce CookieMonster
    • 1000 M&Ms
    • PvP Omnitool
    • CandyCrusher Omnitool
    • 10x Candycane Crate Keys

    No one will lose ANY of their stuff. Everything will be put into a legacy server so you can still access all your current islands, items, spawners, etc.

    Our goal with the new Skyblock server is to have weekly content updates. I've started to plan for the coming months, so hopefully we'll be on time with these.

    Besides these updates, we'll also have some fun stuff coming up before the end of the month, along with more awesome events for the holiday season!

    Before we discuss content, I want to mention and thank our wonderful player & staff beta testers for their work!

    Now, without further ado, I'm proud to announce everything which @Dylan Keir and @FrostySB have been working super hard to code & configure:

    Here is a list of some of the most prominent new features coming to Candycraft Skyblock.
    What are these M&Ms?

    M&Ms are a new currency invented to help prevent inflation.
    M&M balance is listed on the sidebar.

    ... And no, you can't eat them like normal M&Ms. These are special M&Ms, crafted by the Candygods.

    What do the M&Ms do?

    M&Ms are like the shard system which has been used across several of Serayne's servers. They are a separate currency, and the only way to purchase spawners.

    How do you get M&Ms?

    Fishing at the M&M pool at /spawn
    Selling items to the shop

    How do you spend M&Ms?


    The following spawners can be purchased with M&Ms:
    • Cow Spawner​
    • Pig Spawner​
    • Sheep Spawner​
    • Witch Spawner​
    • Skeleton Spawner​
    • Zombie Spawner​
    • Enderman Spawner​
    • Creeper Spawner​
    • Zombie Pigman Spawner​
    • Blaze Spawner​
    • Iron Golem Spawner​
    • Villager Spawner​
    We've got an awesome new Custom Enchant system, with over 70 individual enchantments.

    Enchantment books can be bought with experience points via the command /enchant.

    Each book will have a random enchantment of the tier purchased. Drag the book onto an item to enchant it. Remember some enchants apply specifically to a certain item.

    /enchants brings up a GUI showing all possible enchantments.
    The economy is set up a tad differently to prevent inflation.
    Spawners are arranged in tiers. To use OP spawners, you must have a high level island. These level tiers are set up to correspond with ore gen levels.

    Island Tier 1:
    Level 1 - 10000
    Cow Spawner Access
    Pig Spawner Access
    Sheep Spawner Access

    70% Cobblestone
    10% Coal
    10% Redstone
    10% Lapis

    Island Tier 2:
    Level 10001 - 25000
    Witch Spawner Access
    Skeleton Spawner Access
    Zombie Spawner Access

    45% Cobblestone
    15% Coal
    15% Redstone
    15% Lapis
    5% Iron
    5% Gold

    Island Tier 3:
    Level 25001 - 50000
    Enderman Spawner Access
    Creeper Spawner Access
    Zombie Pigman Spawner Access

    30% Cobblestone
    15% Coal
    10% Redstone
    10% Lapis
    15% Iron
    15% Gold
    5% Diamond

    Island Tier 4:
    Level 50000 - 150000
    Iron Golem Spawner Access
    Blaze Spawner Access

    25% Cobblestone
    15% Coal
    10% Redstone
    10% Lapis
    10% Iron
    10% Gold
    10% Diamond
    10% Emerald

    Island Tier 5:
    Level 150001+
    Villager Spawner Access

    10% Cobblestone
    10% Coal
    14% Redstone
    14% Lapis
    15% Iron
    15% Gold
    10% Diamond
    10% Emerald
    1% Diamond Blocks
    1% Emerald Blocks
    Yup, you read that right! We're bringing the awesome chat reactions, but with a twist. They're now all Candy-themed!

    The reward for typing the word the quickest is 2 M&Ms.

    Use /reaction to see players who've gotten the top number of reactions!
    There's an exclusive new crate, called the Donor Crate! This crate is of a higher tier than both Lollipop and Candycane crates. It's got tons of overpowered items to win.
    Donors get keys to this crate once per week. The crate can only be accessed by those with a rank, so even if a member receives a key, they can't use it without a rank.

    I honestly hope you all enjoy this revamp.
    Kind Regards,
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  2. Can't wait for this amazing update :)
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  3. Looks amazing :)
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  4. YES OMG
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  5. Damn gonna be lit
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  6. What are the benefits for cookiemonster on other servers like factions or prisons?
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  7. When Prison & Factions are revamped there will be a new set of perks for each. For now it's mostly upgrades of the current perks (better kits, shorter cooldowns, etc.)
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  8. dank you, come again.
  9. I am so thrilled about this amazing update! I can not wait for the release. :D
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  10. Ay who wants to make a island with me on new candy skyblock (SaladGetsAbused is me)
  11. I'm so happy for this new release and I'm so thankful for our devs now the real question is who's buying cm???
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    no stacked spawners??

    (Post Merged)

    Ya idc I am false banned so
  13. There will be stacked spawners, however it's not really something which requires much explanation in a post.
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  14. Super excited : )
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  15. I can't wait!! :)
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    It’s pretty dope!!

    (But why is everything happening while i’m away like Pokémon USUM and this i’m digging myself a hole to die i
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  17. I can not wait! After my false ban
  18. I wish I was here to witness the revamp. Oh well
  19. Same though. I'm out of town visiting family and friends starting tomorrow through Wednesday.
  20. Hopefully you will
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