Skyblocky is coming back!

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Who's hyped?

  1. ME!

  2. Not me.. I like CandyCraft.

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  1. Hey guys.

    It’s been a while since I’ve written an announcement, but I’ve got something super cool for you all. Many of you, I’m sure, remember Skyblocky. To cut straight to the chase, CandyCraft will be rebranding and changing back to Skyblocky.​

    Specific details
    A lot of the specific details are still yet to be decided & announced but as for Forums, we will be using the CandyCraft forums but with the Skyblocky theme. We think it is best to do this as you will all still have your posts and playing history from the past 7 months. We will be doing the same thing with the Discord. It will also be rebranded as Skyblocky.​

    What servers will there be?
    Skyblock! We hope none of you will be disappointed, however Prison, Factions, and Creative don’t have enough players to be included in the rebranding to Skyblocky. In addition, the name Skyblocky implies Skyblock so we’ll stick with that. With this, we hope to focus solely on a Skyblock server and make it as awesome as possible, all of you guys will be crucial in this. We will want to know what content you guys want on Skyblocky so stay tuned for a follow-up announcement regarding suggestions.​

    Ranks Transfers
    The most important thing you guys are probably worrying about is donator ranks; they will all transfer to the ones below.​
    • Jellybean → VIP​
    • Gumdrop → VIP+​
    • Gummybear → MVP​
    • Licorice → MVP+​
    • Sugarlord → PRO​
    • Candyking → PRO+​
    • CookieMonster → Koala​

    Extra Content Transfers
    As for extra content:
    • SkySell will transfer.
    • You will be able to receive a Buycraft voucher for the amount of your individually purchased GKits.
    • Titles/Tags will be completely reset.
    • Those who purchased cosmetics will be able to use cosmetics on Skyblocky.
    • Vote multipliers will transfer, although they will be nerfed, 5x was far too much.
    We hope you are all as hyped for this as we are.
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  2. +1 I'm super excited!
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  3. YESS +1
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  4. Same here :)
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I'm going to get all the vouchers.
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  7. +0 super happy at the same time going to miss cc
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  8. Rip Prison :(
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  9. YESS!!!! +1
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  10. YAS!!! I love skyblocky! Best day ever
  11. What about stuff like pets?
  12. While i like this anouncement, i dont know about this: i had on the old skyblocky skysell (when serpent and so) but now, do i get my skysell back or is it just away, other it would be pretty rip i already missed my money on cc
  13. I got 3 CookieMonster accounts with all gkits on all of them. This voucher ought to be good
  14. Yeah, when its happening?
  15. My heart.
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  16. "You gotta learn to let it go" -Keshakabestsongartistifyoudisagreetjandiwillgetyourwigs
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  17. Rip the paid tags :/
  18. You most likely will get nothing back from pets.
  19. Anything that won’t be carried over will either had voucher of equal value or a discount code.
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