Skyblocky Reset - 23rd February (Beta 16th)

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    We've got some amazing news to announce today for Skyblocky's future! Today, we're proud to announce that Skyblocky will have a full reset on the 23rd February, 2019.

    We've been holding polls for a while!

    We've listened to all the results of the polls, and have decided to follow them, as it's what our community wants! As such, I'm excited to announce some of the new features that will be coming to Skyblocky!

    From now on, you will be able to Auction your Island off to the rest of the server! This will function in the exact same way our AuctionHouse does. Only owners will be able to list their Island on the Auction! Once an island is successfully auctioned, all members of that Island will be removed and the buyer will be given ownership.

    Our territories system will allow Islands to fight for victory! Players will be able to capture the territory by standing in a square for 5 minutes, and while captured, all island members will receive perks!

    Once a week, our resident dragon, Albus, will attack the Tower on our Territory! His immense power will rip apart the tower, and will cripple anyone near it! However, our brave Skyblocky Warriors have decided to taken him on, for a prize of course! You will be able to enter the battle, and the last Warrior surviving, will grant his island members a reward, as a sign of our eternal gratitude.

    We've employed these pesky little buggers to help all our players with chores around their Island! You'll be able to set their chore, name and even their clothing. They'll be available on our store soon!

    We've got another brand new event coming to Skyblocky too! Participating players will be teleported to an arena, and they'll be given snow blocks and a Diamond Shovel. The first player to reach the chest above wins! You'll be able to mine others snow blocks and even throw a sneaky snow ball!

    We've also got a ton of smaller changes that are coming too!

    • We'll be resorting back to Stacked Spawners, as it seems like that's preferred.
    • We'll be redoing the economy, and taking player feedback into account.
    • Island Ore Generators have now been added.
    • Jobs and Achievements have been fixed.
    • You'll now be able to use /printer too.
    • Crates will be physical again, instead of virtual.
    • Brand new Builds and Starter Islands!
    • Crop and Mob Hoppers.

    BETA (16th -> 21st)
    Now, for what you're all interested in! We'll be holding a donor beta to test all new features. KoalaGod and above will get free access, and anyone who wants to join, can either upgrade or purchase a pass for $10 ($5 now with sale). All donations will be put into the network to increase development!

    The top three players who report the most valuable bugs will be given a voucher ($50, $40, $30), and anyone who reports major bugs will also be given a voucher, the amount depending on the severity of the bug!

    We're excited about the future of Skyblocky, and we hope you are too!
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  2. elite will win
  4. everyone quit cause elite finna bag this competition no cap
  5. (x) not doubt
  7. any top Payouts?
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  8. wow an announcement exciting !!
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  9. So y'all gonna give paypal payouts to a 35 player network but not to skyblocky? What?
  10. Elite on top
  12. does this mean i have to pay to play skyblocky now?
  13. No and don't double post
  14. ok. what does double post mean?

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