Skyblocky Reset! -- November 3rd @ 4 PM EST

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    Hello! - and welcome to the thread announcing this traditional Skyblocky Reset!

    The reset will occur at
    4:00 PM (EST) or 8:00 PM (GMT) on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018.

    Without further ado, let's begin the announcement:
    What will the economy look like?
    Based off of the May 5th reset economy.

    - The season will be at least 3+ months long!
    - Money is made by farming (cactus mainly), iron-golem, and villager grinders - silverfish & ocelot spawners will be removed.
    - Voting will be super OP as before.
    - Crates will be those of the May 5th reset with minor adjustments.
    - Global-kits will be less over-powered than last reset - however ThunderKit's loot will still rock the server!
    - Boss-Eggs will not be obtainable via any kits besides KoalaGod's new kit, Deus. They must be purchased on Buycraft individually.
    - KoalaGod will be getting several epic new commands you can show off & won't be seriously disrupting the economy anymore.
    - Pouches will be obtainable via some global-kits, KoalaGod's kit, Deus, and individual purchase on the store.
    - Mobcoins will be REMOVED!
    - Monthly Crates will be far less OP.

    - We will actively be making changes to the economy as the reset goes to ensure that ALL players stand a chance no matter how much you spend on Buycraft - Buycraft will go back to being an advantage not a necessity.
    Will there be events?
    YES! I will be hosting events at least once per week!

    - Weekly Twitter giveaways.
    - Forums & Discord giveaways every couple weeks - OP stuff like global-kit access, ranks, and more!
    - PvP competitions with major prizes - top ranks, vouchers, and more!
    - Exclusive seasonal crates & cosmetics!
    - A Thanksgiving Maze!
    - A parkour event!
    Have something else you want done? Message me & I'll see if I can arrange it!

    PvP competitions?! What else will PvP have?
    - DUELS!
    - Completely redone PvP ranking system with useful rewards - and a PvP rank next to your name in chat!
    - First to reach a specific rank wins expensive STORE VOUCHERS!

    - Exclusive PvP global-kit for reaching 1500 kills!
    - Ability to remove bounties for a large sum of money!

    What will be reset?

    - The current map (islands.)
    - Money (/bal)
    - All chests, enderchests, and player vaults.
    - Kill record.
    - Temporary purchases such as crate keys.
    PUNISHMENTS! EVERYONE WILL BE UNBANNED! ** Does not include blacklisted players.

    What will stay?
    - Ranks
    - Perks such as Skysell
    - Global Kit Access
    - Cosmetics
    - Titles & Tags

    If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns feel free to message me here or on Discord - Evergreen#7184. I will be doing my absolute best to ensure that we will have a reset which you all will enjoy playing on. You may also post anything on this thread as well - I will be actively watching it to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered.

    And, lastly, remember to spread the word! HYPE for this coming season!

    Cheers to next season, and thank you for playing.

    Kindest Regards,
    - Evergreen.
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  2. fun! neat! spooky!
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  3. sounds cool especially for us koalagods me want
  4. Sounds great! :)
  5. I can't wait!
  6. At least now people will have a chance instead of being broke as hell
  7. Amazing!!!
  8. yessss much less p2w.

    :eek: I might have to start playing now 0_o
  9. you said that last reset and you didnt play smh
  10. Wait if it’s not so much p2w why do koalagods get so much of a advantage? This won’t be a fair reset at all. Definitely not excited
  11. i d k right now its barely an upgrade from k+ so i think it should at least have some of its own perks
  12. KoalaGods will get a major advantage - tons of new exclusive permissions to show off. It will be worth the money.
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  13. :eek:
  14. We can't debuff the highest rank that much they do deserve something for their money after all but it will not be eco breaking.
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  15. cant wait to start the next reset! :)
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    My wife and i can't wait for this , we will deff be back :)

    Also will we still be able to have more then 1 island ?
  17. Don’t double post my dude.
    @TJeye @Panda
  18. Looks peng ever!
  19. I'm excited! :)
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