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    Staff Application Guide and Requirements

    • You need Discord, with a working microphone.
    • You need to be able to record and take screenshots in good quality.
    • 30 days of activity on the forums. (Isn't mandatory. We will ignore this requirement if the rest of your application is good enough to our liking.)
    • Your in-game account, your forums account need to be synced. Use /syncaccount in-game
    • Try and make your application as detailed as possible.
    • You can't have any punishments in the last 30 days. (Bans or mutes)
    • You need to wait 15 days with re-applying after being denied.
    • Do not plagiarize your application. You will be instantly denied and you wont be allowed to apply for staff again for 6 months. (We will find out if you do copy your application from someone else).
    • Be honest in your application
    • Do not talk to any staff members, on or off the team, about your application unless you have an actual question about it. Asking staff to review / read it is an instant denial.
    Frequently asked questions
    - Q: What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response?
    - A: Your application will be viewed by a member of our application team as soon as possible. You will only get a reply from us if you have been accepted. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to look at your application. After this time, it has probably been denied.
    - Q: I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of getting Trial?
    - A: This will lower your chances of ever getting a position on our team, however, this doesn't mean that you wont be able to get staff at all.
    Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going?
    A: No. Your application will be instantly denied if you do.

    *I'll add more if you guys have any other questions*

    How to Make a Decent Application.
    • Detail.
      • It’s important to make sure your application includes tons of details about the topics listed below such as past experience, how you could benefit the team, etc. Though some of these questions can be answered in one sentence, it’s important to elaborate on your answers.

      • One paragraph applications are not acceptable; they show no effort and will instantly be denied. Applications should consist of at least three paragraphs.

      • Your application can be short(er) if you are able to summarize everything which needs to be said in few words. However, it’s better to air on the longer side.

    • Try to make your application unique. We see loads of applications that are almost identical to each other. Try to stand out from the rest.

    • Make sure you explain any statements you make and how they relate to the role you are applying for.
    • This does not mean, however, that you should include unnecessary information.
      • Unnecessary information is classified as information that in no way impacts your application.
      • You may include a tad of personal information, however do not go over the top and spend no more than a few sentences.
    • Proper grammar.
      • Using improper grammar is a common “mistake” made when writing an application. It’s important to always capitalize the beginning of sentences and “I”, and to use proper punctuation at all times.

      • Usage of proper grammar will show the application team that you can be professional and mature.
    • Access to multiple communication services.
      • Skype: This is the main tool that the staff team uses to communicate, for both main staff chats and team chats. You will be contacted here if your application is accepted.

      • Email: This is used for several subteams such as live support and applications.

      • Discord: This is a requirement as there is a Staff-Only Discord server.
    • Availability and timezone.
      • It’s important when applying to make sure that you can be online for a decent amount of time every day, at least 1 - 2 hours.

      • Your timezone will be considered when applying; as there are certain timezones which many staff live in, and others that few live in.

      • It’s important to be content with playing on all realms, as you may need to stay on a realm you don’t regularly play on for an extended period of time as a staff member.

      • If you play on a realm with few staff that play there regularly, your application may have a higher chance of being accepted.
    • Age and maturity.
      • There is no age limit for applying

      • Staff must be mature and professional in all public settings. You will not be judged by your age, however age does often impact maturity. It’s important to show your maturity in your application by sticking to the subject, using proper grammar, and demonstrating why your application should be accepted.
    • Past experience.
      • This is a subject that’s often forgotten; there are no direct questions on it.

      • It’s extremely important to explain to the application team what, if any, past experiences you have had as a staff member on another server.

      • Feel free to mention the server name, however do not include the IP address.

      • If you were demoted from a previous team, it’s important to explain why you were demoted and how you’ve learned from it.

      • You may include real-life experiences that could impact your possible staffing career, such as working in team settings or remaining professional in tough situations.

      • You MUST have proof of any past experience on other servers.
    • How you could benefit the current staff team and the server as a whole.
      • Explain how you personally could help the staff and server based on your previous experience and unique skillset.

      • Make sure not to be too general; like saying you could catch hackers and ban advertisers. If you are good at catching hackers, for example, explain how you’ve found hackers in the past and how you understand different types of hacks, etc.
    • Why you should be chosen over other applicants.
      • You must convince the application team that you are more suited for a staff position then any of the applicants. Many players apply daily, and it’s up to you to convince us that you should be accepted rather than them.
    • Being truthful and honest about mistakes.
      • A common misconception is that it’s better to lie about a mistake than to be honest and own up to it. This is not the case - the application team would much rather see an honest applicant who has made past mistakes than a dishonest one.

      • Remember, even if you do lie about something, we do an extensive background check so you’ll likely be found out.
    Do you meet all the requirements and you want to apply for Helper? Just click here to go to the Helper application page.
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