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Should I do it?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Should I randomly give 100k or so to random new people in hope more people will stay?
  2. This ended up happening on the old Skyblocky and ended up destroying the economy a bit, but it really can’t hurt it with the new economy layout.
  3. It would help the new players get a start if they had $100,000 so I would say go for it, but don't get bankrupt. xD
  4. Sometimes I give new dedicated players money and I think its a really kind gesture, I say if a new player comes online and asks for money, it wouldnt hurt to give them some.
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  5. Yeah, this is super nice I know when I first joined some people gave me money and it really helped me out and made me enjoy the server a lot more.
  6. The only thing that kinda sucks about when doing this, i feel like it is semi ruining the new player experience when starting off. Then again, that may just be me liking to grind.
  7. If they seek assistance you could message them and ask them if they need money.
  8. Good Point, i may end up just doing that
  9. Players shouldn't just like the server because someone gives them money, but because they like the players, the community and the whole server in general. They should be able to have to work for there money. Instead of paying them money I would probably help them with a small farm.
  10. Ye I've started to do that instead recently, and they were staying on more and some getting ranks
  11. Good job ❤️
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