Summer Build Competition Winners & More!

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  1. Hello!

    Another great month for Skyblocky! We’ve had over 6000 unique players join this month - I’d like to personally thank you all for being so welcoming to them. Every time someone new arrives to Skyblocky, I see so many players welcome them, offer to help them out, and start conversations. I’m so happy that this is how our community treats new players.

    We had a great time on Fourth of July (American Independence Day) this year! Here’s a memory, with all staff who were online at the time and some players who joined in too:
    Picture Link!

    We’re up to our NINTH weekly giveaway on the Skyblocky Twitter! You may enter this week's giveaway by liking & retweeting this post, and following @SkyblockySocial!
    There will be three winners who will receive 5x Villager Spawner EACH!
    Winners will be drawn next weekend, so make sure to enter soon! (;

    Now, for the long awaited Summer Build Competition Winners! This competition’s theme was “Summer Activities & Events,” and each and every one of the entrants has created an amazing entry!
    Note: those who copied builds have been disqualified.

    First Place - $75 Store Voucher - ItsSniiper
    Second Place - $50 Store Voucher - TheThymon
    Third Place - $25 Store Voucher - Walker_1632
    Honorable Mention - TJeye

    Each place & honorable mention also includes:
    • The heads of: _Evergreen, y0dabr0, Hackedninja13, _OwtaCtrl, & Yaburu
    • Custom HOLOGRAM island signatures

    Last, but not least, Congratulations to the Top Voters of July!
    Some statistics; we’ve had over 25,000 votes this month. Thank you all for being so dedicated!

    Top Voters
    Unfortunately we have to disqualify a few accounts for cheating - remember this is not, and never will be allowed.

    First Place - $50 Voucher
    Jacksipoo - 305 Votes

    Second Place - $40 Voucher
    blockybelmore - 303 Votes

    Third Place - $30 Voucher
    Mala1904 - 300 Votes

    You all will be messaged your vouchers either in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. Congratulations!

    Kindest Regards,
    and wishes for a great month of August,

    - Evergreen
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  2. Congratulations / GG!
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  3. YAY I got 1st for votes, Thank god those people exploiting votes were disqualified
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  4. Gg everyone ❤️
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  5. Congrats to everyone, hope you enjoy your rewards :)
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  6. You right, I’ll enjoy your head
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  7. :(
    My head is no longer special xD
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  8. Your head has a good place on my island :)
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    Not gg, you cheated.


    Wow your build and the 2nd image on google are the same that's pretty weird.

    Oh wow if I reverse image search a screenshot of walker's build what comes up?

    Weird, it's almost like you guys used schematica.
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  10. wow yes i feel honored congrats to the other winners much win good job
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  11. major detective shit
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  12. Congratulations to all winners! :)
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