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  1. Hello my name is TataX53, I've been playing Minecraft since 2012 and I'm a normal 13 yo from somewhere in Latin America. My main language is spanish though I learned to speak english fluently because of school :p. Anyway, I own a small YouTube channel and have two cute lil doggos called Tommy and Totty c: (if u wanna see me doggos msg me hehehe). I joined Candy Craft ( which I loved and played facs 24/7) around August 2017 then it got rebranded into Skyblocky and I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait 'till I meet everyone here and keep enjoying with my friends on the Skyblock community :D.
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  2. Hola! Como esta usted?

    (I study some Spanish at school, but I'm still really bad at it lol)

  3. Nice meeting you Hope to see you in game soon and teach me Spanish xD!!
  4. Tu Eres de Argentina? ( a bit of Spanish, for ya c; )
    It's so lovely to meet you, and I hope to see you in-game soon! Have fun! xx
  5. Nice intro!
    I wish I could outmatch the people above me with something cool in Spanish, but I know absolutely nothing from the language lmao.
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  6. Hey Tata! Welcome back to the community :) Can't wait to play with you online
  7. Hi Tata :)

    I always wanted to learn Spanish in school but I had to learn French for most of it, and German for 1 year along with that.
  8. Hi Tata :)
    I'm currently in my second year of Spanish and Im awful! my favorite thing to say is gato OR gatito. (and also donde es mi móvil)
  9. Ay hombre, Bienvenido a Skyblocky!

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