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    Hello my name is TataX53, I've been playing Minecraft since 2012 and I'm a normal 13 yo from somewhere in Latin America. My main language is spanish though I learned to speak english fluently because of school :p. Anyway, I own a small YouTube channel and have two cute lil doggos called Tommy and Totty c: (if u wanna see me doggos msg me hehehe). I joined Candy Craft ( which I loved and played facs 24/7) around August 2017 then it got rebranded into Skyblocky and I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait 'till I meet everyone here and keep enjoying with my friends from the Skyblocky community :D.
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  2. Hola! Como esta usted?

    (I study some Spanish at school, but I'm still really bad at it lol)

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  3. Nice meeting you Hope to see you in game soon and teach me Spanish xD!!
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  4. Tu Eres de Argentina? ( a bit of Spanish, for ya c; )
    It's so lovely to meet you, and I hope to see you in-game soon! Have fun! xx
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  5. Nice intro!
    I wish I could outmatch the people above me with something cool in Spanish, but I know absolutely nothing from the language lmao.
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  6. Hey Tata! Welcome back to the community :) Can't wait to play with you online
  7. Hi Tata :)

    I always wanted to learn Spanish in school but I had to learn French for most of it, and German for 1 year along with that.
  8. Hi Tata :)
    I'm currently in my second year of Spanish and Im awful! my favorite thing to say is gato OR gatito. (and also donde es mi móvil)
  9. Ay hombre, Bienvenido a Skyblocky!
  10. Nice to meet you! I hope to see you around the server soon :)
  11. Hello Tata!

    I used to learn Spanish in school, really not my strongest quality at all :p
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    Todo bien y vos?

    Haha same! Maybe I could teach you a couple words :p

    Nah no soy de Argentina jeje.

    Nice to meet you too c:

    Ty Lmao



    That explains a lot from your ign xD. Keep going with ur spanish classes!

    PS: Dónde está mi móvil OR Dónde está mi celular/teléfono c; xD

    Hey dude! ty c:

    Cool broccoli btw

    Hi! Nice to meet you too.


    Cool! I think spanish is way harder to learn than english so it probably takes twice as much time and effort to learn.
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