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    Welcome to the official page of the Skyblocky Stock Exchange! (Closed Until Reset)
    This thread is about informing people about what it is, how it runs, the current quantity of shares in our possession, and their current value. (CLOSED UNTIL RESET, IF YOU HAVE A SHARE BOOK YOU CAN STILL CASH IT IN, HOWEVER I AM NO LONGER SELLING THEM!)

    What is the Skyblocky Stock Exchange?
    The Skyblocky Stock Exchange is based off the real-life stock market, with the share prices based on the values of actual share prices in real life! Currently, shares are worth $25k per real-life dollar, so if the stock market values a share it $40, then it would be valued here at around $1m in-game currency!

    What is the stock market in general?
    The stock market is a system that makes it easy to invest in companies, buying shares to boost the companies financial capabilities, which the funds would be used to purchase assets by the company, or other items to help boost the companies revenue. Shares by companies can give a small part of their income, along with voting rights on what's going on in the company (Class A Shares). This isn't the case with all shares, however. Some don't give anything and is purely for investment purposes (Class B Shares).

    What kind of shares are sold and traded?

    The Skyblocky Stock Exchange sells Class B shares if the shares are distributed under the name of a real-life, non-Skyblocky affiliated business. These shares we sell have no surcharge, so the value of the share is what we'll sell them for!

    Would you buy them back?
    Of course! We buy them back without a surchage too, so if the price goes up, we don't tax on them - you reap the FULL reward!

    Are only you allowed to buy/sell/trade these shares?
    Of course not! The stock market thrives on exchanges, so players can trade their shares with other players if they do so wish to! Please note if you want to do a fraction of your total shares (E.G 500 out of your 1000 shares in AAPL), you will have to come to the head-representative of the stock exchange (Currently 0101101011) in order to split your shares into books and make the arrangement, until a more convenient alternative method is found to prevent counterfeit shares from flooding the system.

    So this is some stupid casino, right?
    Absolutely not! If you go in blindly, you might call it that, but if you are smart, plan your moves and do your research, you have a much higher chance of making a profit (Which is considered "Beating the market"). If you do well enough you could come out with a fortune. Just ask Warren Buffet, who made his billions stock investing!

    How do we buy/sell/trade shares with you?
    Simple! Just go to /is warp 0101101011 and the main SSE tower will be right in front of you! If 0101101011 is online at the time, you can send him a /msg (If he's not already operating within the tower's first floor) and inform him you would like to buy/sell/trade some shares. The prices will be here for the share price, so all you have to do is tell the representative how many shares of what business you would like to buy, and then /withdraw the amount of money that it will end up costing. There will be a signed, original copy booklet with a list of the number of shares within the book. The two items will be exchanged via /trade.

    Please note: If you happen to lose the booklet unless substantial evidence is provided of the following requirements we cannot replace it:
    1. Having the booklet
    2. How you obtained the booklet
    3. Evidence how you lost the booklet, or
    4. Evidence that you no longer have the booklet

    If you were scammed, until the original document has been reclaimed, we cannot help you, unfortunately. These are designed to be limited items and creating too many will result in the decline of the items valued.

    What should I look out for when wanting to buy/trade shares with other players?

    I won't go over how to not get scammed as there are too many methods to avoid, it goes with every item and newer methods are being created daily. I will, however, inform you of what the main problem is: Forged documents.

    Document forgery is incredibly common, especially when the document in question can be quite valuable. If you want to avoid obtaining one of these, please consider the following:
    1. Each booklet will be signed by 0101101011. If the booklet doesn't meet those criteria, it is a forgery.
    2. The booklet must have the tag "Original Copy". You can falsify signed books! If someone recreates a copy of a signed book, however, it will become either 'Copy of Original', 'Copy of Copy', or 'Tattered'. Any of those previous three means it has been forged.

    If you spot someone with a forged document, please acquire evidence and report it to staff immediately. If you can, report it to 0101101011 as well. We need to ensure that these shares do not get forged. All offenders will be permanently restricted from buying/selling/trading shares at the SSE.

    I have a question...

    If there is anything you need to know, please send me a PM on the forums and I would be happy to answer anything related to the Skyblocky Stock Exchange.

    Shares and pricing:
    F/Ford Motor Co. - $287250 - 89950/100000 remaining
    WFC/Wells Fargo & Co. - $1309000 - 89990/90000 remaining
    BAC/Bank of America Corp. - $748250 - 95000/95000 remaining
    SPY/SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust - $6683250 - 49995/50000 remaining
    XLF/Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF - $689500 - 94975/95000 remaining
    GE/General Electricity Co. - $333250 - 97000/97000 remaining
    EEM/iShare MSCI Emerging Markets ETF - $1190750 - 91000/91000 remaining
    GDX/VenEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF - $570000 - 96000/96000 remaining
    JPM/JPMorgan Chase & Co. - $2755250 - 80000/80000 remaining
    VXX/Barclays Bank PLC iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN - $1075750 - 91000/91000 remaining
    C/Citigroup Inc. - $251750 - 87950/88000 remaining

    Update: We no longer add on/take off value for our gain! You no longer need a huge percentage gain to make a profit! Enjoy!

    Note: */* remaining doesn't mean that they are no longer in existence, it means that the number on the left means how many we own, the number on the right means how many are in existence.
    More businesses may be added in the future if necessary.

    The value of the shares will be updated whenever the stock market updates. They update on an average every 24 hours, however, it could be on different occasions, so please understand if they haven't updated in awhile. Thank you.

    Have fun and be safe trading, and enjoy the Skyblocky Stock Exchange!

    (TL;DR Stock Exchange at /is warp 0101101011, buy and sell shares to help the economy, if you have any questions, ask me!)

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